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Crazy Warnings


So I'm kind a like,
staying here just,
killing time
And I'm ready for this because I,
I want you to let you know,
that I'm,
still around.
Hoping that you would hear this,
and let you know,
that this is written only,
only for you.
I was wondering if you still know that eh,
that we're in it,
that were in it for life.
I feel different now ok.
please, well,
I am still around.
You know that right.
Sometimes I got the feeling that you don't.
I got the feeling that you don't
I got the feeling that you can't.

I know I let you down,
But then I knew,
I always would.
some things feel better now,
But then I knew,
They always would.

So don't you stay,
Oh don't just wait,
Oh don't you know,
I had to let you go.

Still I miss your crazy warnings,
Like I knew I always would.

I just want to let you know,
I've got a feeling that you're always here,
Always here.
I just want to let you know...

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