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Come on faithful sons
we'll blow away the ballless ones
set their long grey hair on fire
put their fingers on a wire
your daddy that is me
I take responsibility
a simple fee is all it takes to wash away your agony

I offer you work so I can eat and drive expensive vehicles
as you see I'm the only one here
I gave you a life, a bite to eat, I'm your only miracle
you got to love not fear
....your dadadadadadadadyoh

some day by accident I will become the president
'cuz you will waste your votes on me and I will reign itpermanent
my tongue on salt through years have made my verbal boundariesdisappear
I spoke my way through fear
applause, I'm taught to lie sincere

I offer you work so I can eat...

all of the money I put into you made days sunny and forced you tolove me
daddy will never be crying the blues
dumb fuck rebels are promised to lose...trust me
I have never believed in anything but myself
now you must be wondering
how in the world I could make it so big with a couple of handsand a gun
my own daddy taught me to hate myself
for all surroundings close you shell you're put here to work andraise your sister suffer no moan my son

I offer you work so I can eat....


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