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For U With Love (If U Leave Me)


lent you my favorite dictionary
came back with ripped out pages
stopped by so uninvited
wasted good silverware on you
you can't trust violence


Below & Above
once you felt alive
present for a time
those below you whore themselves
those above you know

you're a friend of mine
bound by chains and wires
those below you whore themselves
those above you know


a long time you waited
you thought it had abated
shame of it all

the harm that it causes
pours down like a faucet
shame of it all


Throw Out The Line
throw out the line
man overboard
passenger fall
maybe the angels'll take him
come back no more

bride of my thoughts and anger
nothing to show
patience and strength come springtime
where will you go?

throw out the line


don't look up
I'll have to dictate from the ground
don't mind the sound
it's all familiar by now
and I'm swingin' so high

unimpressed by my first draft
she's a sinker
I should have taught her how to swim
and I'm swingin' so high


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