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Winnie The Pooh

The Kelly Family

I must a walked a mile
Until I got to the rabbit's house
Mama rabbit cooked a soup for me
And papa rabbit read a story out loud

And then I went out to play yeah
With my big big friend
His name is big big Ben

Winnie the pooh
Winnie too too
Is Winnie
Winnie the pooh

He's my best best best best absolutely
Best best friend
His name is Winnie
Winnie the pooh

There's a tree
Not too far from here
With the biggest honey hive(wow)
That you've ever seen

Papa rabbit said
I shouldn't leave
But I can't stop my feet now
They just walk and walk

But there's just a little problem
There's a million bee's
But they won't get to me

Winnie the pooh...

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