Foto do artista Kevin Devine

The City Has Left You Alone

Kevin Devine

Neurotic intellectual
Emotionally unavailable
You're everything you think you should be
But the truth is unavoidable
And every choice intentional
Darling, I don't mean to be mean
But you're see-through as see-through can be
And when the party ends, you're sweating in sheets

The city has left you alone
You cycle on fast-forward through
The strangers in your phone
And you re-record your voicemail
Find that perfect hollow tone:
"Hey, you've reached me, but what does that mean?
I don't know."

So run your risk and play your part
Hide away your hardened heart
And tuck yourself back into your shell
But is all that detached irony
That finely tuned delivery
Hurting more than it's ever helped?
Are you fooling anyone but yourself?
Well, you're the only one who can tell

Because the city has left you alone
In a Chelsea bar at closing time
Too wired to go home
When a street shark with a songbird rap
And a repertory brogue
Slurs, "C'mon love. There ain't no secret code.
Are you thinking what I'm thinkin', yes or no?
Leave the mourning for the mornin', love. Let's go."

You're acting out the dead end of a theme
A cliche in a roundabout
Another person's dream
It makes romantic copy but it's not a life to lead

So roll your eyes and suck on your teeth
No, you don't need to prove nothin' to me
But you're the only one who knows what you need

The city has left you alone
Squinting at an address
With a car service on hold
You keep waiting on redemption,
But isn't waiting getting old?
You shut your eyes.
The city clears its throat:
"On with the show."

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