There is treasure hidden there, on the coast of California. El
Diego hid it there when the Clera ran aground
On the coast of California, deep within a cave that's never
Treasure, stolen from the Incas, we could capture for the Queen.

There's a mountain in the ocean on the coast of California and
deep within its side the tides of night alone reveal
El Diego's hidden cave where we'll plunder the riches of
While the Spaniard, blind with pleasure plays ashore in

We will sail before the dawn along the coast of California. El
Diego is delayed. The wine and woman hold their sway
And our map is clearly drawn to the dark and stormy shore.
On the coast of California lies a mighty prize of war.
Tell not a soul that you have seen me. Breathe not a word of
what I say. (Repeat line)

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Composição: Dave Guard / Jane Bowers. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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