Now you've learned about it
now you'll just have to bear
There's something it for everyone*
just pick up what you please
cauze you know sometimes it seems
things could go so much better
and I can't help it, I'd really like to see
the day when no one* gets jealous, greedy, cruel
or unhappy, bored fucked up or ruined, wimpy,
sad, mislead or fooled
we've got to face it, it's

Time to grow, time to know
time to see in what we believe
as the time goes by, we'll know that it was on our side
but come to understand (stand under?) the time
and you'll realize it's in your mind

One* day we're all gonna laugh about it
about how easy we are to rule
to take our innerselves away from us
and knock, knock, knocking it on up there
where we are, blinded with faith in something called
"the only truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???"
no, I can't buy it, I mean how can I believe
when I see people get jealous, greedy, cruel and
unhappy, bored, fucked up and ruined, wimpy, sad,
mislead and fooled

we've got to face it...

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