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Hani Do You Can


Have I ever told you that I really love you
Have I ever told you, honey baby,
You don't care how I wear my hair.
You know my hair is everywhere..
It's so beautiful.
And honey baby you are mine.

Honey baby what you gonna do?
And how do you do?
Baby, baby I just want to you.
I want to fuck and screw.
And I just want to fuck and screw.
And how do you dance?
Baby baby be-bob-a-loo-love-loo.

Oh my sweet pussycat, why are you so fat?
And a whole-la-la-----------.
Don't you know what's going on?
My sweet mamma-baby,
I don´t really know maybe.
You don't --------------------.
Honey do you can?
Baby baby what you gonna do?
Tell me how do you do?
Baby baby be-pop-a-loo-love-loo.

Do you can, oh do you can?
On honey sweet sugar you.
Sweet mamma, baby blue.
I just want to fuck and screw
you, you.
Fuck and screw.

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