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Missing The Party


Living for pleasure, living for thrills
You've got the fever, flippin' the bills
Over and over, it never changes
Higher and higher, goin insane
Your life's devotion, Never at rest
Lookin' for high emotion, missin the rest
What are you after, is it enough
There is an answer, calling your bluff
Turnin' around and around and around you go
Turning your back on God but don't you know

If you're missing God your're missing the party
You're heading out for misery
If you're missing God you're missing the party
You're just missing it all

Roaming the city, playing the game
God gave me new direction, I'm not the same
Closer and closer to paradise, I gotta tell ya
No better life
Turnin' around and around and around you go
Don't be turning your back on God now that you know


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