I'm alone, i'm lost
I'm afraid, i'm suffering
I feel hate, i feel pain
I feel anger, i feel love

I wanna cry for help
I wanna find the exit
I wanna come back home
I wanna be in peace

Voices tell me it isn't over
That i mustn't give up
That it is only a passing
That everything goes on

But i see it all without color
I don't feel my body, my breath
I'm here, but it looks like
Nobody can see me...

I wanna just shout
Say everything afflicts me
Confess all my mistakes
Understand my acts
And comprehend why i'm here
But now a silence hovers
A light takes on myself
I don't fear anymore
I don't feel rage anymore
I'm calm, i'm between friends
Happiness invaded my soul
I don't have body anymore
I don't feel pain anymore
I'm here in the other side
The light invaded my soul

I'm in peace!!!

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