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We Don't Need It

Lil' Kim

Yea-uh, fuck that, yo, I want some pussy tonight
I think I wanna fuck my bitch Goldie and shit
Only because she got some money for me and shit
I think about fuckin her
And go fuck my other bitch that live in fuckin big houses
I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do, but check it
How you spell cash? C's and some hash
At last, a nigga kickin game full blast
How you want it, diamonds or dime-elles
Jansport bookbags and bags from Chanel
And seebeeaki, smellin up my Kawasaki
Jawns by Versace all them joints by Jockey
Clock me workin real hard for a nickel
He drive a tricycle and his pants too little
And his shoes too little
Won't you get with the clique with the big ass dicks
That make sure your kicks fit
The real shit, true, balla pack steel shit
The nigga with, the movie and the mill shit
Mass appeal get me in the clubs for free
So all you got to do for me is just
Make your way to my king sized bed
And lie on my pillows and my Gucci bed spread
Keep the pussy out the other man's bed
Just gimme some head, gimme some head

Ceas: If you aint suckin no dick we don't need it, we don't needit
Kim: If you aint lickin no clits, we don't want it, we don'twant it
Ceas: If you aint drinkin no nut, we don't need it, we don't needit
Kim: If you aint lickin no butts, we don't want it, we don'twant it

[Lil' Kim]
Some bitches do and some bitches don't
Ride a dick until he brush it I know I won't
Niggas cum too fast for me
A waste of a good dick if you ask me
I like a nigga like to put his back in it
If it's a weave fuck around and pull a track in it
All I get, few strokes that's it
This bomb ass shit's got your cigarettes lit
Who me, forced to use plan B, masturbate, play with the pussy
This nigga here bust off snorin
He straight, I knew this date would be borin
I wanna wake him up to do his duty
Nigga use that tongue, click the booty, click the booty
You wanna steal the pussy like a thief
Now I'm twistin lips without the teeth
So I could bust a nut or two come clean like Jeru
Goodnight to you too boo


Nine out of ten women, want to spit, on the skin of BlakeCarrington
But I need much more to get raw, dick to jaw, dick to jaw
You drinkin' babies, don't wanna hear baby stictly (yes boo)
Well if he cum up on your chest slow
If not then your not down with me
Little Ceasar, Van Clef, or B.I.G.
Capone, Nino, or Bugsy
Don't ask Kim for a date, she want her pussy ate


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