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Lil Mo: Gansta

Lil' Mo

Uh uh this is for the streets

there's so much drama up in NYC
I'm tyin' to make this dolla only got 15
the grass don't grow and the birds don't sing
where police be hollrin' where my crew is,(bout it bout it)
this little life of mine(you see) have me sittin' on 20's for I
turn 16, wouldn't trade it in for Anything!
I gotta nuttin' but love..

Love for the streets the streets got love for me, Gotta keep itGansta
(everyday) can't change what's inside of me, so baby can take meout
streets, but can't take the streets outa of me, I'ma keep itgansta
Cause the streets go right for me.

It's like everywhere I go, everywhere I be, the streets biggin'me up
from west to east, down to the dirty dirty and over seas, they beshowin'
lovin' love, all my people throw it up, we gone always shine, yousee,
'cause when I needed you you were there for me, my heart mysoul,
your why I sing,
'cuz I got nuttin' but love


In the Morning when I rise, you were alwys on my mind, when igo
to bed at night, you will still be on my side, never let medown
so I'll never let you go, this is dedicated to the streets yo gotmy heart

Chorus 3x

hey uh uh this is for the steets, so go on with ya gansta self
this is for the streerts I see ya see ya ok

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