big bitch...
big bitch coming you way...

Well it's saturday night, machi wa rollin'
Spark kimete sekai wa goin' goin'
junbi's ready doite honey
Cuz this #1 lady's gonna drop this phat booty tonight

Jealous busy girls, makinaoshina your curls
big bitch comin' thru, stompin' out your world
Jealous busy girls, better watch out for your pearls
big bitch, big tricks out of take your world
ki wo tsukete kugidzuke ni suru all your boyz
Nothing's gonna change the fact, I am boy crazy

ha ha ha, look at you!

Well the night is tight
Pimps are pimpin'
Here I go again, microphone pimpin'
My junbi's ready, horny mama
I'm that #2 suga, riding high with your papa now

While your talking loud minaoshina your style
big bitch comin' through, make way from a mile
While your talking loud osaetsukena your boo
big bitch, big tricks, slick ni ubau
ki wo tsukete sakarau kara all your cutie boyz
Ain't no deal to make of that
I am boy crazy

ha ha ha, look at you!

I'm that boogie gal you dream of,
picture me over your pillow
when your sleepin' tight,
your baby's sleepin' tight right on my pillow

I'm gon' sing this song, sing it loud and strong
You better watch your man, before you know he's gone
I ain't playin' no games, just sayin' it straight
You better watch your man, cuz I'm on way

ha ha ha, look at you!

Big bitch!

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