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Celebrate Me Home

Kenny Loggins

Home for the holidays,
I believe I've missed each and every face.
Come on and play one easy,
Let's turn on the love lights in the place.
It's time I found myself,
Totally surrounded in your circles.
Oh my friends...

Please celebrate me home,
Give me a number.
Please celebrate me home,
Play me one more song.
That I'll always remember,
I can recall whenever I.
Find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.

Uneasy highway,
Traveling where the westerly winds can fly.
Somebody try to tell me,
But the man forgot to tell me why.
I gotta count on being gone...
Come on mama!
Come on daddy!
Hear what you want from me yeah...
I'll be strong and
I'll be weak...

(I can make believe I've never gone)
(I never know where I belong)

*Background singers, fade, and end.

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