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Saturday Night

Lucky Boys Confusion

As usual I'm late, what's the difference I see the same faces
My attitude is plain, just the same as the vibe in this placeis
I'm shaking hands and smiling, lying, about where I've beenlately
The tensions multiplying and I'm dying to leave

It's Saturday night and the party's crawling
Did you hear the ringing it's the bottles calling
Week after week this is where I'm ending up
It's Saturday night I'm already stumbling
Some guys are outside being loud and rumbling
Third weekend in a row that we've broken up
I'm quickly losing interest
I really hope I find it
This room is like a bottle it's never full enough

These rumors start to fly, spreading lies which alcohol induces
I'm pushing off these walls, your out of beer and I'm out ofexcuses
Are you checking what you're starting, I beg your pardon
What do you got up your sleeve
The queen of melodrama and I'm dying to leave


I got a disease of overanylization
It's making hard to hold a conversation
People step, expecting proclamations
But I'm saying it, but I'm saying it with an exclamation
This ain't my scene and it's Saturday night
I'm going to the reggae bar they got it going on
Don't believe rumors you've heard
Till you see me dropping the word, right


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