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Mr. Lady


My brown eye's blue from so much lovin'
I'm getting another lovin' oven
One that makes me feel more like
the woman trapped so long inside
My body hair has been removed
but I sure have some muscly thighs
The hormones soften up my voice
Goin' all the way, I've made the choice

Kick off my boots, put on some heels, now I'm truely me
Power my nose, pull on some hose, I'm feelin' free
My lipstick's on, brows penciled on, I am so pretty
And even though I'll never bleed that's okay with me

I'm more than a woman, more than a man
I feel larger than life you must understand
When I was a little boy Malibu Barbie was my favorite toy
Now there is just no mistaking I'm a woman just awaking
I feel alive, I new rebirth, it cost a lot but I think it's worthit

Took many years to have this done, now once a day
I touch my breast, put on a bra, daytime lingerie
Walk down the street in summer's heat, strutting to and fro
I'm in a dress, no need to tuck, I'm finally free

I strut my stuff all down the street, now I'm truely me
I whistle as the boys go by, I'm feelin' free
I check my face a grip my mace, they won't dare hurt me
I'm feelin' right go out tonight, and that's okay with me
Mr. Lady...

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