The Benders were a family
Who arrived in Labette County KAnsa around 1870
The the Bender family built a one room log shanty
The size of it was sixteen by twenty
The shanty was used for an inn divided by a canvas curtain
So there might be some privacy
The Benders lived on one end, the other side was for the inn
Where they offered travelers hospitality

The family named the Benders
Were life enders
They were death vendors
The Bender Familys

In the family was old man Bender, ma and their two children
John junior and his sister Kate
When travelers passing by their land, not knowing of the Bender's plan
Fell for the bloody Bender's bait
The traverlers were ushered in
Seated with their backs to the curtain
Talking to Kate waiting to be fed
On the other side of the curtain Father or brother was a lurking
To smash a sledge hammer on their head


Doctor York was travellin'
Then ended up missing
With his brothers posse his route was retraced
The Benders endured questioning and denied ever seeing him
So they left the bloody Benders place
The posse came back again when they heard the Benders ran
Foun the victims buried on their land
And so the posse searched for them
And no one knows for sure wat happened
But the Benders weren't seen again

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