(Verse 1)

Hear the lawyer speak
all the words that he can say
till the truth slips away
but this same simple man
years of hopeless desire
finding straight answers
fought fire with fire

Too burned out now to be naive
A laugh up his sleeve
got a final reprieve


No one can see
who to believe?
Lost my faith in me?
I can't trust myself or anyone
There's something more...


Now its time to speak of it
though I can't see where it's coming from
but when push comes to shove
I'll listen to the spirit voice of reason
across the other side - I don't understand
yet somehow I know... who to believe
at last I know - who to believe.

(Verse 2)

So the priest gives in
to desire.- loving sin
let his flesh reign again
and hypocrisy rules
in the presence of fools
absolution his game
he needs someone to blame

Now anarchy washed him away
The devil to pay
He's a walking cliche...

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

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