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Heavy Metal
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  1. Nothing Else Matters Metallica
  2. Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden
  3. Wind Of Change Scorpions
  4. The Number Of The Beast Iron Maiden
  5. Enter Sandman Metallica
  6. The Unforgiven Metallica
  7. Still Loving You Scorpions
  8. The Trooper Iron Maiden
  9. Paranoid Black Sabbath
  10. Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden
  11. Wasting Love Iron Maiden
  12. Aces High Iron Maiden
  13. One Metallica
  14. The Clansman Iron Maiden
  15. Fade To Black Metallica
  16. Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit Tom Angelripper
  17. Iron Man Black Sabbath
  18. I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace
  19. The Sound Of Silence Disturbed
  20. Master Of Puppets Metallica
  21. For The Greater Good Of God Iron Maiden
  22. Sad But True Metallica
  23. Tears Of The Dragon Bruce Dickinson
  24. Run To The Hills Iron Maiden
  25. War Pigs Black Sabbath
  26. Send Me An Angel Scorpions
  27. Sign Of The Cross Iron Maiden
  28. Wrong Side Of Heaven Five Finger Death Punch
  29. Wasted Years Iron Maiden
  30. Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
  31. The Evil That Men Do Iron Maiden
  32. Rebirth Angra
  33. Whiskey In The Jar Metallica
  34. Always Somewhere Scorpions
  35. Flight Of Icarus Iron Maiden
  36. For Whom The Bell Tolls Metallica
  37. Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
  38. Carry On Angra
  39. N.I.B. Black Sabbath
  40. Rock You Like a Hurricane Scorpions
  41. Never Too Late Three Days Grace
  42. Fairy Tale Shaman
  43. A Tout Le Monde Megadeth
  44. Dance Of Death Iron Maiden
  45. God's Gonna Cut You Down Marilyn Manson
  46. Mary On a Cross Ghost
  47. The Unforgiven II Metallica
  48. 2 Minutes To Midnight Iron Maiden
  49. The Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish
  50. Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath
  51. The Day That Never Comes Metallica
  52. Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne
  53. The Wicker Man Iron Maiden
  54. No One Like You Scorpions
  55. This Is Halloween Marilyn Manson
  56. Forever And One (Neverland) Helloween
  57. Revelations Iron Maiden
  58. Symphony Of Destruction Megadeth
  59. Ace Of Spades Motörhead
  60. Changes Black Sabbath
  61. Kiss The Go-Goat Ghost
  62. Through The Fire And Flames DragonForce
  63. Stricken Disturbed
  64. Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace
  65. Where Eagles Dare Iron Maiden
  66. Walk Pantera
  67. Mama, I'm Coming Home Ozzy Osbourne
  68. Turn The Page Metallica
  69. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Marilyn Manson
  70. I Want Out Helloween
  71. Blood Brothers Iron Maiden
  72. A Reason To Fight Disturbed
  73. Angel Of Death Slayer
  74. Dreamer Ozzy Osbourne
  75. Year Zero Ghost
  76. You And I Scorpions
  77. Make Me Wanna Die The Pretty Reckless
  78. Freak On A Leash Korn
  79. Home Sweet Home Mötley Crüe
  80. Raining Blood Slayer
  81. Roots Bloody Roots Sepultura
  82. Down With The Sickness Disturbed
  83. Mama Said Metallica
  84. Pain Three Days Grace
  85. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
  86. Repentless Slayer
  87. No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne
  88. Wuthering Heights Angra
  89. Pegasus Fantasy (Versão Em Português) Angra
  90. Silent Lucidity Queensrÿche
  91. Power Helloween
  92. I Apologize Five Finger Death Punch
  93. Tears Don't Fall Bullet For My Valentine
  94. God Was Never On Your Side Motörhead
  95. Children Of The Grave Black Sabbath
  96. Bleeding Heart Angra
  97. Eagle Fly Free Helloween
  98. Dust In The Wind Scorpions
  99. South Of Heaven Slayer
  100. Mother Danzig
  101. God Is Dead? Black Sabbath
  102. Indestructible Disturbed
  103. Dance Macabre Ghost
  104. He Is Ghost
  105. Breaking The Law Judas Priest
  106. Brave New World Iron Maiden
  107. Follow Your Heart Scorpions
  108. Nemo Nightwish
  109. Square Hammer Ghost
  110. Gone Away Five Finger Death Punch
  111. Metal Is The Law Massacration
  112. Nova Era Angra
  113. Alexander The Great Iron Maiden
  114. Wherever I May Roam Metallica
  115. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath
  116. Halloween Helloween
  117. Cry For The Moon Epica
  118. Cowboys From Hell Pantera
  119. The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson
  120. Remember Everything Five Finger Death Punch
  121. Cirice Ghost
  122. Cemetery Gates Pantera
  123. Seek & Destroy Metallica
  124. Heroes Of Sand Angra
  125. Fuel Metallica
  126. Time Of Dying Three Days Grace
  127. A Tale That Wasn't Right Helloween
  128. Powerslave Iron Maiden
  129. Falling Away From Me Korn
  130. Tainted Love Marilyn Manson
  131. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Iron Maiden
  132. ...And Justice For All Metallica
  133. The Unforgiven III Metallica
  134. You The Pretty Reckless
  135. Kickstart My Heart Mötley Crüe
  136. The World Death Note
  137. Changes Ozzy Osbourne
  138. Ritual Ghost
  139. Painkiller Judas Priest
  140. Tornado Of Souls Megadeth
  141. When You Came Into My Life Scorpions
  142. Smoking Snakes Sabaton
  143. In My Darkest Hour Megadeth
  144. Tattooed Millionaire Bruce Dickinson
  145. Heaven Knows The Pretty Reckless
  146. Blind Korn
  147. Keeper Of The Seven Keys Helloween
  148. Cold Korn
  149. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Megadeth
  150. Seasons In The Abyss Slayer
  151. Blue On Black Five Finger Death Punch
  152. Just Like You Three Days Grace
  153. Bad Company Five Finger Death Punch
  154. Shout At The Devil Mötley Crüe
  155. The Bard's Song (In The Forest) Blind Guardian
  156. Killing Strangers Marilyn Manson
  157. Make Believe Angra
  158. Unleashed Epica
  159. This Is The New Shit Marilyn Manson
  160. Far From Home Five Finger Death Punch
  161. Angels Cry Angra
  162. Future World Helloween
  163. Orgasmatron Sepultura
  164. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Metallica
  165. Élan Nightwish
  166. Girls, Girls, Girls Mötley Crüe
  167. Just Tonight The Pretty Reckless
  168. Perfect Gentleman Helloween
  169. Creeping Death Metallica
  170. Decadence Disturbed
  171. Living For The Night Viper
  172. Don't Tread On Me Metallica
  173. Warriors Of The World United Manowar
  174. Black Diamond Stratovarius
  175. Under The Same Sun Scorpions
  176. Children Of The Damned Iron Maiden
  177. Can I Play With Madness Iron Maiden
  178. Coming Undone Korn
  179. Refuse/ Resist Sepultura
  180. Trust Megadeth
  181. The Vengeful One Disturbed
  182. Sleeping Sun Nightwish
  183. Wish I Had An Angel Nightwish
  184. Fallen Angel Three Days Grace
  185. Fullmoon Sonata Arctica
  186. All I Need Within Temptation
  187. While Your Lips Are Still Red Nightwish
  188. Nothing To Say Angra
  189. Inside The Fire Disturbed
  190. Riot Three Days Grace
  191. The Last Stand Sabaton
  192. For Tomorrow Shaman
  193. Ever Dream Nightwish
  194. Wash It All Away Five Finger Death Punch
  195. Solitude Black Sabbath
  196. Evil Papagali Massacration
  197. Ghost Of The Navigator Iron Maiden
  198. Phantom Of The Opera Iron Maiden
  199. The Bull Massacration
  200. Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne
  201. Martyr Of The Free Word Epica
  202. Life Eternal Ghost
  203. The Memory Remains Metallica
  204. Time Angra
  205. Territory Sepultura
  206. Rats Ghost
  207. Afraid To Shoot Strangers Iron Maiden
  208. Metal Bucetation Massacration
  209. Save Me Lacuna Coil
  210. St. Anger Metallica
  211. M.I.N.E (End This Way) Five Finger Death Punch
  212. Planet Caravan Black Sabbath
  213. Perry Mason Ozzy Osbourne
  214. Pneuma Tool
  215. You'll Never Find Me Korn
  216. Veneficium Lacuna Coil
  217. Ghost Love Score Nightwish
  218. Waking The Demon Bullet For My Valentine
  219. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Iron Maiden
  220. Dr. Stein Helloween
  221. I Just Want You Ozzy Osbourne
  222. Ride The Lightning Metallica
  223. Snowblind Black Sabbath
  224. Live Wire Mötley Crüe
  225. Coming Down Five Finger Death Punch
  226. 22 Acacia Avenue Iron Maiden
  227. Thoughtless Korn
  228. My Medicine The Pretty Reckless
  229. Voices Motionless In White
  230. Coma White Marilyn Manson
  231. Bartzabel Behemoth
  232. Last To Know Three Days Grace
  233. The Light Disturbed
  234. Gone Forever Three Days Grace
  235. Dead Skin Mask Slayer
  236. Did My Time Korn
  237. Empire Of The Clouds Iron Maiden
  238. Going To Hell The Pretty Reckless
  239. The Nobodies Marilyn Manson
  240. Moonchild Iron Maiden
  241. Disciple Slayer
  242. Be Quick Or Be Dead Iron Maiden
  243. Your Betrayal Bullet For My Valentine
  244. Under Your Scars Godsmack
  245. Jekyll And Hyde Five Finger Death Punch
  246. Black No1 Type O Negative
  247. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) Bullet For My Valentine
  248. I Refuse Five Finger Death Punch
  249. Children Of The Sea Black Sabbath
  250. Overkill Motörhead
  251. The Pot Tool
  252. My Curse Killswitch Engage
  253. Until It Sleeps Metallica
  254. Doctor, Doctor Iron Maiden
  255. Love You To Death Type O Negative
  256. The Scarecrow Avantasia
  257. Dream Of Mirrors Iron Maiden
  258. Fear Inoculum Tool
  259. Peace Sells Megadeth
  260. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter Iron Maiden
  261. Into The Void Black Sabbath
  262. Reckless Lacuna Coil
  263. Bodies Drowning Pool
  264. Can You Hear Me? Korn
  265. Here I Am Shaman
  266. Hardwired Metallica
  267. Tallulah Sonata Arctica
  268. Hold On To Memories Disturbed
  269. Sober Tool
  270. In This River Black Label Society
  271. Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crüe
  272. Sleeping Dogs Zakk Wylde
  273. Break Three Days Grace
  274. Design Your Universe Epica
  275. This Love Pantera
  276. Mobscene Marilyn Manson
  277. Monstrance Clock Ghost
  278. Hangar 18 Megadeth
  279. Infinite Dreams Iron Maiden
  280. 5 Minutes Alone Pantera
  281. Our Destiny Epica
  282. Mirror Mirror Blind Guardian
  283. Christian Woman Type O Negative
  284. Vade retro, Satana! Mokoma
  285. Whore In This Moment
  286. Lost In You Three Days Grace
  287. Alone I Break Korn
  288. Holiday Scorpions
  289. Suicide Solution Ozzy Osbourne
  290. The Mummy Massacration
  291. When The Wild Wind Blows Iron Maiden
  292. If I Could Fly Helloween
  293. Hell Awaits Slayer
  294. Miss Nothing The Pretty Reckless
  295. Battery Metallica
  296. Faster Within Temptation
  297. Stand Away Angra
  298. Disguise Motionless In White
  299. House Of The Rising Sun Five Finger Death Punch
  300. The Islander Nightwish
  301. Blackened Metallica
  302. Angel Judas Priest
  303. The River Blues Saraceno
  304. O Father O Satan O Sun Behemoth
  305. Painkiller Three Days Grace
  306. Storm The Sorrow Epica
  307. We Built This House Scorpions
  308. Freezing Moon Mayhem
  309. Looks That Kill Mötley Crüe
  310. Invincible Tool
  311. The Wizard Black Sabbath
  312. Hunting High And Low Stratovarius
  313. Emerald Sword Rhapsody
  314. Ghost Walking Lamb of God
  315. Spread Your Fire Angra
  316. War Ensemble Slayer
  317. I'm Broken Pantera
  318. The Clairvoyant Iron Maiden
  319. Innocence Shaman
  320. Lateralus Tool
  321. The Phantom Agony Epica
  322. Happy? Mudvayne
  323. Idiosyncrasy Korn
  324. Speed Of Light Iron Maiden
  325. You've Got Another Thing Comin' Judas Priest
  326. Empty Walls Serj Tankian
  327. Another Life Motionless In White
  328. Lost Prayer Zakk Wylde
  329. Attitude Sepultura
  330. Rainmaker Iron Maiden
  331. The Four Horsemen Metallica
  332. Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath
  333. Primo Victoria Sabaton
  334. Harakiri Serj Tankian
  335. A.D.I.D.A.S. Korn
  336. Nymphetamine Cradle of Filth
  337. KILL4ME Marilyn Manson
  338. All Nightmare Long Metallica
  339. The Zoo Scorpions
  340. Arise Sepultura
  341. Con Clavi Con Dio Ghost
  342. Prowler Iron Maiden
  343. Dystopia Megadeth
  344. Sweating Bullets Megadeth
  345. Kill Me The Pretty Reckless
  346. Immortalized Disturbed
  347. Wrathchild Iron Maiden
  348. Menina Te Amo Tanto Massacration
  349. Acid Rain Angra
  350. Farewell Avantasia
  351. Am I Evil? Metallica
  352. Shot In The Dark Ozzy Osbourne
  353. Black Widow's Web (feat. Sandy & Alissa White-Gluz) Angra
  354. Dawn Of Victory Rhapsody
  355. Caught Somewhere In Time Iron Maiden
  356. Lift Me Up (feat. Rob Halford) Five Finger Death Punch
  357. I Am Machine Three Days Grace
  358. The Story Ain't Over Avantasia
  359. Schism Tool
  360. Layers Of Time Lacuna Coil
  361. Valhalla Blind Guardian
  362. Laid To Rest Lamb of God
  363. Man Of Sorrows Bruce Dickinson
  364. Metal MilkShake Massacration
  365. No Leaf Clover Metallica
  366. Love Me Forever Motörhead
  367. If Eternity Should Fail Iron Maiden
  368. Electric Funeral Black Sabbath
  369. Take Me To The Top Mötley Crüe
  370. Balls To The Wall Accept
  371. Carolina IV Angra
  372. Get Out Alive Three Days Grace
  373. Ratamahatta Sepultura
  374. Word Up! Korn
  375. Dragula Rob Zombie
  376. Battle Born Five Finger Death Punch
  377. Eternally Yours Motionless In White
  378. Per Aspera Ad Inferi Ghost
  379. Angels Within Temptation
  380. Big City Nights Scorpions
  381. Take Me Down The Pretty Reckless
  382. Inner Self Sepultura
  383. Anima Nera Lacuna Coil
  384. Hero Of The Day Metallica
  385. Moth Into Flame Metallica
  386. Hand Of Blood Bullet For My Valentine
  387. When The Smoke Is Going Down Scorpions
  388. Amaranth Nightwish
  389. Faith Ghost
  390. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat Helloween
  391. Shy Sonata Arctica
  392. After Forever Black Sabbath
  393. Human Race Three Days Grace
  394. If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson Cover) Ghost
  395. A National Acrobat Black Sabbath
  396. When The Seasons Change Five Finger Death Punch
  397. Reaching Horizons Angra
  398. I Stand Alone Godsmack
  399. The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) Mötley Crüe
  400. Hearts Burst Into Fire Bullet For My Valentine
  401. Heroes Of Our Time DragonForce
  402. Frantic Metallica
  403. Tears of a Clown Iron Maiden
  404. Running Free Iron Maiden
  405. Orgasmatron Motörhead
  406. Electric Eye Judas Priest
  407. Elizabeth Ghost
  408. The Prisoner Iron Maiden
  409. Gateways Dimmu Borgir
  410. Journeyman Iron Maiden
  411. Lightbringer Pentakill
  412. Devil's Never Cry Devil May Cry
  413. The Night Disturbed
  414. I Ain't No Nice Guy Motörhead
  415. Stranger In a Strange Land Iron Maiden
  416. Late Redemption Angra
  417. Fairies Wear Boots Black Sabbath
  418. Army Of The Night Powerwolf
  419. Metal Milf Massacration
  420. Fury of the Storm DragonForce
  421. Sword Of Anger Lacuna Coil
  422. Spirit Crusher Death
  423. Destiny Stratovarius
  424. No More Lies Iron Maiden
  425. To Hell And Back Sabaton
  426. Heaven Can Wait Iron Maiden
  427. Running Alone Angra
  428. Die With Your Boots On Iron Maiden
  429. Beyond The Realms Of Death Judas Priest
  430. Cold Five Finger Death Punch
  431. Battle Hymn Manowar
  432. Lisbon Angra
  433. We Drink Your Blood Powerwolf
  434. Infestissumam Ghost
  435. Prayer Disturbed
  436. Tides of Time Epica
  437. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) Mötley Crüe
  438. Killers Iron Maiden
  439. Sign Of The Cross Avantasia
  440. Nightfall Blind Guardian
  441. Sham Pain Five Finger Death Punch
  442. Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson
  443. Black Anima Lacuna Coil
  444. The End Of Heartache Killswitch Engage
  445. Coming Home Iron Maiden
  446. Spoke In The Wheel Black Label Society
  447. Harvester Of Sorrow Metallica
  448. Bismarck Sabaton
  449. A Love Unreal Black Label Society
  450. Over The Hills And Far Away Nightwish
  451. The God That Failed Metallica
  452. Man On The Edge Iron Maiden
  453. Dogs Of War Blues Saraceno
  454. Memory Epica
  455. Born To Raise Hell Motörhead
  456. Bittersweet Memories Bullet For My Valentine
  457. World So Cold Three Days Grace
  458. Mouth For War Pantera
  459. The Greatest Show On Earth Nightwish
  460. Black Metal Venom
  461. Tell Me If You Want It Pantera
  462. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend Powerwolf
  463. Atlas, Rise! Metallica
  464. Lie Lie Lie Serj Tankian
  465. Follow Me Down The Pretty Reckless
  466. No Pain For The Dead Angra
  467. Got The Life Korn
  468. Mortal Reminder Pentakill
  469. Apocalypse Lacuna Coil
  470. Remember Tomorrow Iron Maiden
  471. Alumina Death Note
  472. Letter To Dana Sonata Arctica
  473. Right Now Korn
  474. Believe In Love Scorpions
  475. Stand My Ground Within Temptation
  476. Devil Trigger Devil May Cry
  477. The Darkness Is Revealing Korn
  478. Home Three Days Grace
  479. Ride The Sky Helloween
  480. King Nothing Metallica
  481. Sky Is Over Serj Tankian
  482. Over and Over Three Days Grace
  483. Burn To a Cinder Epica
  484. A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor) Korn
  485. Going To Brazil Motörhead
  486. Caught In a Mosh Anthrax
  487. Memories Within Temptation
  488. It's All Over Three Days Grace
  489. Life Is Too Short Scorpions
  490. Don't Need You Bullet For My Valentine
  491. The Eagle Flies Alone Arch Enemy
  492. Stranded Gojira
  493. Reincarnate Motionless In White
  494. Fight Fire With Fire Metallica
  495. Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth
  496. Indians Anthrax
  497. See The Light Ghost
  498. Strange World Iron Maiden
  499. What's Up People? Death Note
  500. From Here To Eternity Iron Maiden
  501. Dunkelheit Burzum
  502. Secular Haze Ghost
  503. The Seven Angels Avantasia
  504. The Outlaw Torn Metallica
  505. Now That We're Dead Metallica
  506. My Friend Of Misery Metallica
  507. Hollow Pantera
  508. Anesthesia Type O Negative
  509. Walk With Me In Hell Lamb of God
  510. Hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne
  511. Supernova Within Temptation
  512. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer Behemoth
  513. Pinu Da Granada Claustrofobia
  514. Holy Smoke Iron Maiden
  515. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) Kamelot
  516. Domination Pantera
  517. The Bleeding Five Finger Death Punch
  518. This Loss Korn
  519. Bleeding Me Metallica
  520. Storytime Nightwish
  521. Wishing Well Angra
  522. Shot In The Dark Within Temptation
  523. Another Brick In The Wall Korn
  524. Diamonds And Rust Judas Priest
  525. Wild Child W.A.S.P.
  526. Turbo Lover Judas Priest
  527. Silvera Gojira
  528. I Cum Blood Cannibal Corpse
  529. Judas Be My Guide Iron Maiden
  530. What If I Was Nothing All That Remains
  531. Hellraiser Motörhead
  532. Black Is The Soul Korn
  533. The Signal Fire Killswitch Engage
  534. Alone Bullet For My Valentine
  535. Angry Again Megadeth
  536. Cry Thunder DragonForce
  537. Black Magic Slayer
  538. I Don't Wanna Be Me Type O Negative
  539. Angels And Demons Angra
  540. Heart Of Steel Manowar
  541. Jigolo Har Megiddo Ghost
  542. Letting Go Andre Matos
  543. The Philosopher Death
  544. Nothing Left To Lose The Pretty Reckless
  545. How Many Tears Helloween
  546. Angel of Mercy Black Label Society
  547. Descending Tool
  548. Adrenalize In This Moment
  549. Witch Image Ghost
  550. Third Day Of a Seven Day Binge Marilyn Manson
  551. In My Time Of Need Opeth
  552. The Red And The Black Iron Maiden
  553. Bless The Child Nightwish
  554. The Thing That Should Not Be Metallica
  555. Distant Thunder Shaman
  556. Blinded As I Lay Dying
  557. Letting You Go Bullet For My Valentine
  558. Satan Is Real Kreator
  559. Different World Iron Maiden
  560. The Book Of Souls Iron Maiden
  561. Watching Over Me Iced Earth
  562. Paradise Stratovarius
  563. Chemical Wedding Bruce Dickinson
  564. Under And Over It Five Finger Death Punch
  565. Madhouse Anthrax
  566. The Heart From Your Hate Trivium
  567. My Own Grave As I Lay Dying
  568. Abigail King Diamond
  569. I'm Alive Helloween
  570. I Am Broken Too Killswitch Engage
  571. Evil Woman Black Sabbath
  572. Mandatory Suicide Slayer
  573. Time Will Come Shaman
  574. The High Road Three Days Grace
  575. Countdown To Extinction Megadeth
  576. The Poet And The Pendulum Nightwish
  577. In The Name Of God Powerwolf
  578. The Temple Of Hate Angra
  579. Nemesis Arch Enemy
  580. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Iron Maiden
  581. Heroes Motörhead
  582. Forever Stratovarius
  583. Holy Land Angra
  584. Here To Stay Korn
  585. Still Life Iron Maiden
  586. Carry Me Back Home Blues Saraceno
  587. Chasing the Dragon Epica
  588. Sold My Soul Zakk Wylde
  589. Fucking Hostile Pantera
  590. Until The World Goes Cold Trivium
  591. Feint Epica
  592. Pleasure To Kill Kreator
  593. Guardians Of Asgaard Amon Amarth
  594. Love Of My Life Scorpions
  595. My Nemesis Five Finger Death Punch
  596. The Shadow Hunter Angra
  597. Vicarious Tool
  598. Night Witches Sabaton
  599. Cupid Carries a Gun Marilyn Manson
  600. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun Bruce Dickinson
  601. No More Disturbed
  602. (s)AINT Marilyn Manson
  603. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate Iron Maiden
  604. World Painted Blood Slayer
  605. Living After Midnight Judas Priest
  606. Brotherhood Of Man Motörhead
  607. Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura
  608. Wild Side Mötley Crüe
  609. Always Will Be HammerFall
  610. Deep Six Marilyn Manson
  611. Shudder Before The Beautiful Nightwish
  612. Symbolic Death
  613. Halo on Fire Metallica
  614. Road To Nowhere Ozzy Osbourne
  615. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen Ghost
  616. Armata Strigoi Powerwolf
  617. Nymphetamine Fix Cradle of Filth
  618. Unbreakable Stratovarius
  619. Let's Ride To Metal Land (The Passage Is R$1, 00) Massacration
  620. I Am Above In Flames
  621. The Game Motörhead
  622. Stupify Disturbed
  623. Addicted To Chaos Megadeth
  624. Despacito En Portugués (Devagarinho) Rodrigo Rossi
  625. Sensorium Epica
  626. 7empest Tool
  627. Soldiers Of The Wasteland DragonForce
  628. End Of The Beginning Black Sabbath
  629. Land Of Confusion Disturbed
  630. Great War Sabaton
  631. I Walk Alone Tarja
  632. March Of Time Helloween
  633. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg Iron Maiden
  634. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel Behemoth
  635. Now Or Never Lacuna Coil
  636. Flash Of The Blade Iron Maiden
  637. Immaculate Misconception Motionless In White
  638. Replica Sonata Arctica
  639. The Mountain Three Days Grace
  640. Goodbye To Romance Ozzy Osbourne
  641. Death Or Glory Iron Maiden
  642. I Don't Wanna Stop Ozzy Osbourne
  643. Promises Megadeth
  644. Symptom Of The Universe Black Sabbath
  645. Avantasia Avantasia
  646. Daddy Korn
  647. Princess Of The Dawn Accept
  648. Fiesta Pagana Mägo De Oz
  649. See You On The Other Side Ozzy Osbourne
  650. Loner Black Sabbath
  651. Postmortem Slayer
  652. To Live Is To Die Metallica
  653. Paschendale Iron Maiden
  654. Humanity Scorpions
  655. Satan Prayer Ghost
  656. Deja Vu Iron Maiden
  657. Song Of Myself Nightwish
  658. Antisocial Anthrax
  659. A Place Where You Belong Bullet For My Valentine
  660. The Attack Of The Dead Men Sabaton
  661. The Raven Child (feat. Hansi Kürsch) Avantasia
  662. When Legends Rise Godsmack
  663. Hammer Smashed Face Cannibal Corpse
  664. Resist And Bite Sabaton
  665. Flying Whales Gojira
  666. Panzerkampf Sabaton
  667. Shaped By Fire As I Lay Dying
  668. Tourniquet Marilyn Manson
  669. Ritual Shaman
  670. The Dope Show Marilyn Manson
  671. What Have You Done Within Temptation
  672. To Tame A Land Iron Maiden
  673. Loverman Metallica
  674. I Disappear Metallica
  675. Hit Me Like a Man The Pretty Reckless
  676. Solitary Ground Epica
  677. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Mayhem
  678. Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson
  679. Wishmaster Nightwish
  680. Scream, Aim, Fire Bullet For My Valentine
  681. SAY10 Marilyn Manson
  682. Deep Blue Angra
  683. Let It Die Three Days Grace
  684. Wasting Love Bruce Dickinson
  685. Rose of Sharyn Killswitch Engage
  686. Dying For An Angel Avantasia
  687. Sancta Terra Epica
  688. Arising Thunder Angra
  689. The World Is Yours Arch Enemy
  690. Dominion HammerFall
  691. Se deus é 10, Satanás é 666 Gangrena Gasosa
  692. Blackout Scorpions
  693. The Tragic Truth Five Finger Death Punch
  694. Parabola Tool
  695. The Longest Day Iron Maiden
  696. Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne
  697. Whiplash Metallica
  698. Bir Kere Yüzümüz Güldümü Bizim Azer Bülbül
  699. The Reckoning Within Temptation
  700. Spiritual Healing Death
  701. Infra-Red Three Days Grace
  702. Get Up! (feat. Skrillex) Korn
  703. Never Say Die Black Sabbath
  704. </c0de> Motionless In White
  705. Running To The Edge Of The World Marilyn Manson
  706. The Only Static-X
  707. End Of Time Lacuna Coil
  708. H@rd3r Korn
  709. From The Pinnacle To The Pit Ghost
  710. Are You Ready Disturbed
  711. Mon Amour, Mon Ami Therion
  712. The Fight Song Marilyn Manson
  713. She Is My Sin Nightwish
  714. Of Wolf And Man Metallica
  715. Only The Good Die Young Iron Maiden
  716. Stillborn Black Label Society
  717. Untouchable (part 1) Anathema
  718. Fear of the Dark Bruce Dickinson
  719. Her Ghost In The Fog Cradle of Filth
  720. The Animal Disturbed
  721. Twisted Transistor Korn
  722. The Heat Is On Glenn Frey
  723. Incense & Iron Powerwolf
  724. Waiting Silence Angra
  725. Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns - Part IV) Epica
  726. Caça e Caçador Angra
  727. Leper Messiah Metallica
  728. Redneck Lamb of God
  729. Hit The Lights Metallica
  730. Pro Memoria Ghost
  731. No Prayer For The Dying Iron Maiden
  732. Glory To The Brave HammerFall
  733. Zombie The Pretty Reckless
  734. In Trance Scorpions
  735. I Can Helloween
  736. Holier Than Thou Metallica
  737. Paradise Lost Symphony X
  738. Scars Black Label Society
  739. She-Wolf Megadeth
  740. Eagleheart Stratovarius
  741. Y'all Want A Single Korn
  742. Disposable Heroes Metallica
  743. Rise And Fall Helloween
  744. Mujer Amante Rata Blanca
  745. Somebody Someone Korn
  746. Born Again Black Sabbath
  747. World So Cold Mudvayne
  748. Jesus Saves Slayer
  749. Sea Of Madness Iron Maiden
  750. Paradise (What About Us?) (feat. Tarja) Within Temptation
  751. Beyond The Matrix Epica
  752. You Want a Battle? (Here's a War) Bullet For My Valentine
  753. Hand Of Doom Black Sabbath
  754. House On a Hill The Pretty Reckless
  755. Hallowed Be Thy Name Cradle of Filth
  756. Revolution Is My Name Pantera
  757. Like a Bird Black Label Society
  758. Reason Shaman
  759. Dead Boy's Poem Nightwish
  760. Medusa Paradise Lost
  761. Forever Free Saxon
  762. L'enfant Sauvage Gojira
  763. Paranoid Ozzy Osbourne
  764. I Died For You Iced Earth
  765. Bye Bye Beautiful Nightwish
  766. Silence And Distance Angra
  767. Over Your Head Shaman
  768. Paid In Full Sonata Arctica
  769. Omerta Lamb of God
  770. Killed By Death Motörhead
  771. Crusader Saxon
  772. Blood In This Moment
  773. The Talisman Iron Maiden
  774. Let Me Hear You Scream Ozzy Osbourne
  775. The Ringmaster Korn
  776. The Good Life Three Days Grace
  777. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier Iron Maiden
  778. Dyers Eve Metallica
  779. Kingdom Of Heaven Epica
  780. Tear Away Drowning Pool
  781. Forty Six & 2 Tool
  782. No More Three Days Grace
  783. I'm Alive Disturbed
  784. Virus Iron Maiden
  785. End Of All Hope Nightwish
  786. Cold Sonata Arctica
  787. Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns - Part V) Epica
  788. Confortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) Carnarium
  789. Charlotte The Harlot Iron Maiden
  790. Venom Bullet For My Valentine
  791. Hearts On Fire HammerFall
  792. The Mercenary Iron Maiden
  793. Some Kind Of Monster Metallica
  794. Centro do Pica-Pau Amarelo Gangrena Gasosa
  795. La Leyenda Del Hada y El Mago Rata Blanca
  796. Brand New Numb Motionless In White
  797. Tailgunner Iron Maiden
  798. Lord Of This World Black Sabbath
  799. Ghost In The Moon Avantasia
  800. Sole Survivor Helloween
  801. Out Of The Silent Planet Iron Maiden
  802. Legacy Motionless In White
  803. Quem gosta de iron maiden, Também gosta de KLB Gangrena Gasosa
  804. Disposable Teens Marilyn Manson
  805. Living Dead Girl Rob Zombie
  806. War Eternal Arch Enemy
  807. Welcome Home Hellyeah
  808. Dig Mudvayne
  809. Consign To Oblivion Epica
  810. Lucifer Behemoth
  811. Clown Korn
  812. Finally Free Korn
  813. Return To Serenity Testament
  814. Angel Of Death Slayer
  815. The Satanist Behemoth
  816. Molinos de Viento Mägo De Oz
  817. Under The Sun Black Sabbath
  818. Right Left Wrong Three Days Grace
  819. Tattooed In Reverse Marilyn Manson
  820. Over The Mountain Ozzy Osbourne
  821. Pumpkins United Helloween
  822. Bible Ghost
  823. Insane Korn
  824. Broken, Beat & Scarred Metallica
  825. Razorblade Meltdown DragonForce
  826. Sanctified With Dynamite Powerwolf
  827. Beauty And The Beast Nightwish
  828. On My Own Three Days Grace
  829. Tell Me Why Three Days Grace
  830. Bright Eyes Blind Guardian
  831. A Question Of Heaven Iced Earth
  832. The Unnamed Feeling Metallica
  833. Cyanide Metallica
  834. Shoots And Ladders Korn
  835. Stronger On Your Own Disturbed
  836. Deconstruct Epica
  837. Invaders Iron Maiden
  838. Enjoy The Silence Lacuna Coil
  839. Make Me Bad Korn
  840. Neon Knights Black Sabbath
  841. Blame Me The Pretty Reckless
  842. The Arms Of Sorrow Killswitch Engage
  843. Deathcrush Mayhem
  844. Through The Never Metallica
  845. Pride Shaman
  846. Solitude Candlemass
  847. Bloodline Slayer
  848. Skeletons Of Society Slayer
  849. Miss You W.A.S.P.
  850. Right In Two Tool
  851. Die Young Black Sabbath
  852. Rust In Peace Polaris Megadeth
  853. Why? Helloween
  854. Evil Warning Angra
  855. Rotting In Vain Korn
  856. Spit Out the Bone Metallica
  857. The Lake Bathory
  858. Hell To Pay Five Finger Death Punch
  859. Hold On To My Heart W.A.S.P.
  860. Goin' Down The Pretty Reckless
  861. Absolution Ghost
  862. Carolus Rex Sabaton
  863. Die For Metal Manowar
  864. Eat Me, Drink Me Marilyn Manson
  865. Factory Girl The Pretty Reckless
  866. Grave Digger Blues Saraceno
  867. Light Me Up The Pretty Reckless
  868. Too Young To Fall In Love Mötley Crüe
  869. Qwerty Mushroomhead
  870. Still Loving You Sonata Arctica
  871. Our Solemn Hour Within Temptation
  872. Body And Blood Ghost
  873. Walking In The Air Nightwish
  874. Fairy Tale Andre Matos
  875. You Better Run Motörhead
  876. Got The Time Anthrax
  877. The Sin And The Sentence Trivium
  878. Vinland Saga Leaves' Eyes
  879. Sons Of Odin Manowar
  880. Endless Forms Most Beautiful Nightwish
  881. Mother Russia Iron Maiden
  882. The End Is All I Can See Lacuna Coil
  883. Zeitgeist Black Sabbath
  884. Ghost Division Sabaton
  885. The Idol W.A.S.P.
  886. Warning Black Sabbath
  887. Life Starts Now Three Days Grace
  888. Crazy Train Black Sabbath
  889. Kairos Sepultura
  890. Sleeping In The Fire W.A.S.P.
  891. God = Dog Behemoth
  892. Awake Godsmack
  893. Narcissistic Cannibal Korn
  894. Morning Star Angra
  895. I Am The Law Anthrax
  896. A Demon's Fate Within Temptation
  897. Under The Surface Lacuna Coil
  898. Millennium Sun Angra
  899. The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles Marilyn Manson
  900. Dark Chest Of Wonders Nightwish
  901. Killers With The Cross Powerwolf
  902. Matando Güeros Brujeria
  903. A Cry From The Edge Viper
  904. Supernaut Black Sabbath
  905. Balls To The Wall Accept
  906. Sanctus Dominus Powerwolf
  907. Somewhere Within Temptation
  908. Falling Away From Me Korn
  909. Railroads Tarja
  910. Behind The Wall Of Sleep Black Sabbath
  911. Dream No More Metallica
  912. The Legacy Iron Maiden
  913. I Don't Believe a Word Motörhead
  914. Blood Sacrifice Torture Squad
  915. Silent Call Angra
  916. Melissa Mercyful Fate
  917. Last Man Standing HammerFall
  918. I Am An Outsider Three Days Grace
  919. Bulletproof Godsmack
  920. Desperate Cry Sepultura
  921. The Lord Of The Rings Blind Guardian
  922. Youthanasia Megadeth
  923. Hey Lord! Helloween
  924. Never Never Korn
  925. Stand By Him Ghost
  926. Forever Kamelot
  927. Killing Yourself To Live Black Sabbath
  928. Curse My Name Blind Guardian
  929. Eye Of The Beholder Metallica
  930. If I Was Your Vampire Marilyn Manson
  931. Sabbra Cadabra Black Sabbath
  932. Coma Black Marilyn Manson
  933. Chalk Outline Three Days Grace
  934. Headache Motionless In White
  935. Over It Bullet For My Valentine
  936. A Touch Of Evil Judas Priest
  937. Hunting For Your Dream Galneryus
  938. Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed
  939. Hater Korn
  940. Fucked Up World The Pretty Reckless
  941. Purgatory Iron Maiden
  942. The Pride Five Finger Death Punch
  943. The Pursuit Of Vikings Amon Amarth
  944. The Call Of Ktulu Metallica
  945. A Fine Day To Die Bathory
  946. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand) Marilyn Manson
  947. Sick Like Me In This Moment
  948. Reach Out For The Light Avantasia
  949. Edge Of Thorns Savatage
  950. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Marilyn Manson
  951. Vira Lata Claustrofobia
  952. The Duellists Iron Maiden
  953. These Colours Don't Run Iron Maiden
  954. Dreamer Deceiver Judas Priest
  955. The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away Black Label Society
  956. Kings Of Metal Manowar
  957. Bible Black Heaven & Hell
  958. Winds Of Destination Angra
  959. Childhood's End Iron Maiden
  960. Not Falling Mudvayne
  961. Gets Me Through Ozzy Osbourne
  962. The Motherload Mastodon
  963. Jesus' Tod Burzum
  964. If I Knew Helloween
  965. Devil's Dance Metallica
  966. Darkness Within Machine Head
  967. Sparta Sabaton
  968. The Sentinel Judas Priest
  969. Let Her Go Within Temptation
  970. Quest For Fire Iron Maiden
  971. Fields Of Verdun Sabaton
  972. Fast As A Shark Accept
  973. As If The World Wasn't Ending Sonata Arctica
  974. Save Me Edguy
  975. Mercy Mirror Within Temptation
  976. Asylum Disturbed
  977. Arc Of Space Bruce Dickinson
  978. Melancholy (Holy Martyr) Iced Earth
  979. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse Dimmu Borgir
  980. Damage, Inc. Metallica
  981. Massacration Massacration
  982. Jawbreaker Judas Priest
  983. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Type O Negative
  984. Metal Militia Metallica
  985. Maha Kali Dissection
  986. Fake Five Finger Death Punch
  987. Murders In The Rue Morgue Iron Maiden
  988. Leap Of Faith Bullet For My Valentine
  989. Moonglow (feat. Candice Night) Avantasia
  990. Bloody Angel Avatar
  991. Futureal Iron Maiden
  992. Draconian Love Avantasia
  993. Die, Die My Darling Metallica
  994. Tears Don't Fall (Part II) Bullet For My Valentine
  995. Motorbreath Metallica
  996. Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington) Mark Morton
  997. A New Level Pantera
  998. Someone Who Cares Three Days Grace
  999. Never Enough Epica
  1000. Last Drop Falls Sonata Arctica


  1. Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
  2. Metallica Metallica
  3. Scorpions Scorpions
  4. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
  5. Angra Angra
  6. Three Days Grace Three Days Grace
  7. Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson
  8. Disturbed Disturbed
  9. Helloween Helloween
  10. Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne
  11. Korn Korn
  12. Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch
  13. Ghost Ghost
  14. Megadeth Megadeth
  15. Nightwish Nightwish
  16. Slayer Slayer
  17. Motörhead Motörhead
  18. Epica Epica
  19. The Pretty Reckless The Pretty Reckless
  20. Judas Priest Judas Priest
  21. Bullet For My Valentine Bullet For My Valentine
  22. Mötley Crüe Mötley Crüe
  23. Pantera Pantera
  24. Sepultura Sepultura
  25. Bruce Dickinson Bruce Dickinson
  26. Sabaton Sabaton
  27. Within Temptation Within Temptation
  28. Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil
  29. Tool Tool
  30. Sonata Arctica Sonata Arctica
  31. Avantasia Avantasia
  32. DragonForce DragonForce
  33. Massacration Massacration
  34. Shaman Shaman
  35. Motionless In White Motionless In White
  36. Blind Guardian Blind Guardian
  37. Black Label Society Black Label Society
  38. Stratovarius Stratovarius
  39. Powerwolf Powerwolf
  40. Tom Angelripper Tom Angelripper
  41. Type O Negative Type O Negative
  42. Manowar Manowar
  43. Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage
  44. Kamelot Kamelot
  45. Death Death
  46. Behemoth Behemoth
  47. Zakk Wylde Zakk Wylde
  48. Trivium Trivium
  49. Opeth Opeth
  50. Lamb of God Lamb of God
  51. Amon Amarth Amon Amarth
  52. Iced Earth Iced Earth
  53. Godsmack Godsmack
  54. Anthrax Anthrax
  55. HammerFall HammerFall
  56. In This Moment In This Moment
  57. Gojira Gojira
  58. Serj Tankian Serj Tankian
  59. As I Lay Dying As I Lay Dying
  60. Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth
  61. Mägo De Oz Mägo De Oz
  62. Arch Enemy Arch Enemy
  63. Tarja Tarja
  64. Rhapsody Rhapsody
  65. Mudvayne Mudvayne
  66. Therion Therion
  67. W.A.S.P. W.A.S.P.
  68. Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir
  69. Accept Accept
  70. Queensrÿche Queensrÿche
  71. Andre Matos Andre Matos
  72. Danzig Danzig
  73. Kreator Kreator
  74. Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse
  75. Symphony X Symphony X
  76. King Diamond King Diamond
  77. Anathema Anathema
  78. Death Note Death Note
  79. In Flames In Flames
  80. Blues Saraceno Blues Saraceno
  81. Bathory Bathory
  82. Gamma Ray Gamma Ray
  83. Gangrena Gasosa Gangrena Gasosa
  84. Tristania Tristania
  85. Mayhem Mayhem
  86. Brujeria Brujeria
  87. Edguy Edguy
  88. Savatage Savatage
  89. Viper Viper
  90. Saxon Saxon
  91. Venom Venom
  92. Burzum Burzum
  93. Claustrofobia Claustrofobia
  94. Machine Head Machine Head
  95. Devil May Cry Devil May Cry
  96. Hellyeah Hellyeah
  97. All That Remains All That Remains
  98. Rob Zombie Rob Zombie
  99. Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
  100. Katatonia Katatonia
  101. Pentakill Pentakill
  102. Xandria Xandria
  103. Drowning Pool Drowning Pool
  104. Mastodon Mastodon
  105. Almah Almah
  106. After Forever After Forever
  107. Testament Testament
  108. Mushroomhead Mushroomhead
  109. Amaranthe Amaranthe
  110. Exodus Exodus
  111. Draconian Draconian
  112. Theatre of Tragedy Theatre of Tragedy
  113. Wolves At The Gate Wolves At The Gate
  114. Rotting Christ Rotting Christ
  115. Avatar Avatar
  116. Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate
  117. Soulfly Soulfly
  118. Rata Blanca Rata Blanca
  119. TÝR TÝR
  120. Sirenia Sirenia
  121. Sodom Sodom
  122. Delain Delain
  123. Moonspell Moonspell
  124. Torture Squad Torture Squad
  125. Maldita Maldita
  126. Nevermore Nevermore
  127. Tuatha De Danann Tuatha De Danann
  128. Whitechapel Whitechapel
  129. Evergrey Evergrey
  130. Candlemass Candlemass
  131. Insomnium Insomnium
  132. Static-X Static-X
  133. Deathstars Deathstars
  134. Yngwie Malmsteen Yngwie Malmsteen
  135. Hangar Hangar
  136. Primal Fear Primal Fear
  137. Darkthrone Darkthrone
  138. Children of Bodom Children of Bodom
  139. Deicide Deicide
  140. Dissection Dissection
  141. Tiamat Tiamat
  142. Running Wild Running Wild
  143. Dream Evil Dream Evil
  144. Krisiun Krisiun
  145. Annihilator Annihilator
  146. Haggard Haggard
  147. Alestorm Alestorm
  148. Dokken Dokken
  149. Vision Divine Vision Divine
  150. Grave Digger Grave Digger
  151. Marduk Marduk
  152. Sarcofago Sarcofago
  153. Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes
  154. Elena Siegman Elena Siegman
  155. Dope Dope
  156. Detonator Detonator
  157. The Agonist The Agonist
  158. Saliva Saliva
  159. My Dying Bride My Dying Bride
  160. Black Tide Black Tide
  161. Tesseract Tesseract
  162. Galneryus Galneryus
  163. Belphegor Belphegor
  164. Soen Soen
  165. Dethklok Dethklok
  166. Dark Funeral Dark Funeral
  167. Korzus Korzus
  168. Axel Rudi Pell Axel Rudi Pell
  169. Coal Chamber Coal Chamber
  170. Obituary Obituary
  171. Adrenaline Mob Adrenaline Mob
  172. Morbid Angel Morbid Angel
  173. Woods of Ypres Woods of Ypres
  174. Rodrigo Rossi Rodrigo Rossi
  175. Kyuss Kyuss
  176. Amorphis Amorphis
  177. Mokoma Mokoma
  178. Doro Pesch Doro Pesch
  179. Danger Danger Danger Danger
  180. Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards
  181. Agalloch Agalloch
  182. Carcass Carcass
  183. Napalm Death Napalm Death
  184. Otep Otep
  185. Sentenced Sentenced
  186. Lifelover Lifelover
  187. Wintersun Wintersun
  188. Nargaroth Nargaroth
  189. Gloryhammer Gloryhammer
  190. Satyricon Satyricon
  191. Dorsal Atlântica Dorsal Atlântica
  192. Down Down
  193. Electric Wizard Electric Wizard
  194. Immortal Immortal
  195. Masterplan Masterplan
  196. Borknagar Borknagar
  197. Edu Falaschi Edu Falaschi
  198. Fear Factory Fear Factory
  199. Theatres des Vampires Theatres des Vampires
  200. Jerry Cantrell Jerry Cantrell
  201. Glenn Frey Glenn Frey
  202. Allen & Lande Allen & Lande
  203. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  204. DevilDriver DevilDriver
  205. Violator Violator
  206. Celtic Frost Celtic Frost
  207. Vader Vader
  208. Bruno Sutter Bruno Sutter
  209. Orphaned Land Orphaned Land
  210. Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillity
  211. U.D.O U.D.O
  212. Freedom Call Freedom Call
  213. Baroness Baroness
  214. Summoning Summoning
  215. Kittie Kittie
  216. Swallow The Sun Swallow The Sun
  217. Destruction Destruction
  218. Cavalera Conspiracy Cavalera Conspiracy
  219. Halford Halford
  220. Gorgoroth Gorgoroth
  221. Dark Moor Dark Moor
  222. Like Moths To Flames Like Moths To Flames
  223. Dragonland Dragonland
  224. Famous Last Words Famous Last Words
  225. We Are The Fallen We Are The Fallen
  226. Helmet Helmet
  227. Overkill Overkill
  228. Battle Beast Battle Beast
  229. Fozzy Fozzy
  230. White Zombie White Zombie
  231. Possessed Possessed
  232. Six Feet Under Six Feet Under
  233. Tierra Santa Tierra Santa
  234. Pain Pain
  235. Heaven & Hell Heaven & Hell
  236. Unisonic Unisonic
  237. Stream of Passion Stream of Passion
  238. Hibria Hibria
  239. Novembers Doom Novembers Doom
  240. Lacrimas Profundere Lacrimas Profundere
  241. Septicflesh Septicflesh
  242. Saturnus Saturnus
  243. Symfonia Symfonia
  244. Toxic Holocaust Toxic Holocaust
  245. Tankard Tankard
  246. Dying Fetus Dying Fetus
  247. Bloodbound Bloodbound
  248. Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
  249. Meshuggah Meshuggah
  250. Dark Avenger Dark Avenger
  251. Cain's Offering Cain's Offering
  252. Orden Ogan Orden Ogan
  253. Coven Coven
  254. Amberian Dawn Amberian Dawn
  255. Van Canto Van Canto
  256. Visions of Atlantis Visions of Atlantis
  257. Impellitteri Impellitteri
  258. Azer Bülbül Azer Bülbül
  259. Carach Angren Carach Angren
  260. Mortal Love Mortal Love
  261. Nocturnal Depression Nocturnal Depression
  262. Fleshgod Apocalypse Fleshgod Apocalypse
  263. Skindred Skindred
  264. Soilwork Soilwork
  265. Emperor Emperor
  266. A Pale Horse Named Death A Pale Horse Named Death
  267. Chimaira Chimaira
  268. Luxúria de Lillith Luxúria de Lillith
  269. Nile Nile
  270. Poisonblack Poisonblack
  271. Thy Light Thy Light
  272. Diablo Swing Orchestra Diablo Swing Orchestra
  273. Pentagram (USA) Pentagram (USA)
  274. Angeles Del Infierno Angeles Del Infierno
  275. Bloodbath Bloodbath
  276. Rage Rage
  277. Mark Morton Mark Morton
  278. Samael Samael
  279. Carnarium Carnarium
  280. Tranzas Tranzas
  281. Crimson Glory Crimson Glory
  282. Murderdolls Murderdolls
  283. Command6 Command6
  284. ReVamp ReVamp
  285. Phinehas Phinehas
  286. Riot Riot
  287. Ecliptyka Ecliptyka
  288. Labyrinth Labyrinth
  289. Harppia Harppia
  290. Ulver Ulver
  291. Anabantha Anabantha
  292. Kataklysm Kataklysm
  293. Angel Witch Angel Witch
  294. At The Gates At The Gates
  295. The Iron Maidens The Iron Maidens
  296. Symbols Symbols
  297. Salário Mínimo Salário Mínimo
  298. Saratoga Saratoga
  299. Watain Watain
  300. Charon Charon
  301. Device Device
  302. Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate