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He'll be your taxloss lover from Liverpool
Taxloss lover if the truth be told
Taxloss lover still lives in the war
Taxloss lover touching 74

Come back to me
We want your money

We think you are stupid
We give you our money cos our assets are fluid yeah
We'll sell you down the river
Just remember that we said we'd deliver you

Sign on the line and we'll give you the money
and then you'll be mine and we'll fly somewhere sunny
and you'll quibble that our drivell seems unsatisfactory

You're a taxloss
Come back to me
We want your money taxloss

He's your taxloss lover and his nickname is Bert
Taxloss lover and he's always a flirt
Taxloss lover's into kinky sex
Taxloss lover wears a cracking dress

Mud rock
Junk pop
Chart hop
Mop top
Swap shop who'd you'd nick your cliche off

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