"Where am I?"

Caught in the afterlife
Or in limbo - who can tell
Save me from
The everlasting grief
That they call Hell
Eight internal bleedings -
Stigmata - one eper sin
I committed all of them -
My cleansing can begin

"Blood pressure weak…
Broken and torn
A sinner who was cursed
From the day he was born"

Looking at the whitened
Ceiling through
A cloud of blood
Drifting in and out of
Consciousness in memory-flood
In my search for the light
I travel back in time
For my deadly sins to be
Uncovered as a holy crime

"Cellular death…
The soul has left his eye
Nothing to do - nurse
Please take him away to die"

What if my mortal remains
Are all that proved
I was here?
What if I didn't leave
A mark in peoples' sphere?
What if my deadly sins
Were my way to make you see? To make all you non-believers
Believe in me…..

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