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Maybe I'll Go

Lene Marlin

You think you've made it
Everything is going so fine
But then appear someone who wanna
Tear you down
Wanna rip you off those
Few nice things you've found
When and if you hit the ground
Then it's falling kinda hard

'Cause all you do I being yourself
Trying everything to succeed somehow
But that's not the way things are right now
Feeling kinda lost

Those reasons
Those unkind words being expressed
Oh, they'll get to you, I promise, one day
But maybe then it's too late for you to say
I knew it from the go, 'cause you know
That's some miles away from the truth
Don't forget

Hey, what do you think of me now
Am I not like I once were
Still if you don't know me
What's the story of this pen?
I guess you're not a stranger
And I can tell you're not a friend
It might take a while but I guess I'll manage
Waiting till then
Then, when you confront me with your thoughts

And you think I don't notice
Don't get a bit hurt by what you do
I ask to please think of what I've done to you
Please search inside and let me know
If I've done something wrong I guess I'll go
Never to be found

Just let me know
Then I'll go
Then I'll go

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