Whatever happened to the sixties when the world was hip
You boogied down to the Stones and the Beatles and shit
You used to lay in the park, relax and kick off your shoes
Perhaps light up a joint and listen to Rhythm and Blues yeah
I'm Stevie Bee, Maroon Town with me
And don't forget the devious drummer will amaze
Because time won't stop
Because time will fly
But time will answer every question why
Why every woman, every man in the sixties span
Will always have a dance for their favourite band And if you're thinking what the hell do we know
While we play this funky shit on our stereo

You know we're speaking of Nostalgia
You see we're speaking of Nostalgia
I'm speaking, Maroon Town speaking, II hope you're speaking
Can't you see we're speaking yeah, yeah oh yeah
That's Nostalgia

So take time out, scream and shout
Because the fabulous brother and sisters
Are turning it out
Do you remember when you used to go bopping
You would sit back down to watch Batman and Robin
All those silly crazy things that you thought you were doing
Coz you used to watch the Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan

That's right hold tight
We're speaking of Nostalgia
I'm speaking, I hope you're speaking
Can't you see we're speaking
Are you speaking, yeah, oh Nostalgia

Chelsea boots and mohair suits
Trendy people flashing their loot
Taking the blues watching the news
Demonstrations, airing your views
Doctor Spock, Captain Kirk
Generation that loved to flirt
Getting down to the funky sound of the one and only James Brown
Mods and Rockers having fight
Zooming around on your Vespa bike
Out of touch out of reach
Out of their heads on Brighton Beach
Flower Power, paint your face Baby boom for the human race
Mini skirts and magazines
Goodbye Miss Norma Jean
Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Doris Day
Walking, walking down the street
Talking to someone you meet
Talk about the Go Go beat
Twist and shout, stamp your feet
Crazy colours, kaleidoscope blue
And don't forget the goddam Who

We're speaking of Nostalgia
I' m speaking, I hope you're speaking
Can't you see we're speaking Are you speaking, yeah, oh on Nostalgia

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Composição: David Sylvian / Gordon Sax Beadle / Stevie B. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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