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When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues [Real Full Lyrics]

Martina McBride

[Spoken] She was the prom queen, he was the
quarterback of the football team and it all looked
so promising, we'd never thought anything'd happen
like this, than all of a sudden, 25 years of love and devotion,
down the drain.

Lock up your husbands, lock up your sons
Lock up your whiskey cabnits, girls lock up your guns.
Lock up the beauty shops, ain't no tellin' if they've heard thenews.
Call the boys downtown at Neiman-Marcus tell em' lock up
them high-heeled shoes.

[Chorus] When god fearin' women get the blues,
they ain't no slap-dab of tellin' what their gonna do.
they run around yellin' "I've got a mustang, it'll do 80,
you don't have to be my baby, i've stirred my last batch
of gravy, you don't have to be my baby.

Call all the deacons, call the ladies aide
call all the alto, soprano,tennors, call every base.
well, call all the penticostals, and bring that anointing oiltoo.
well, call the preacher, he's the only one can reach her andtheir
ain't no time to lose.

[Chorus X2]

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