Sweeter As Days Go By

Marvin Gaye

Oh you've got a smile like a sweet lovin' angel, oh baby
And you've got a heart that's made of pure gold, oh baby
You've given me so much that I'm grateful of such a faithful love
And it gets sweeter as the days go by, sweeter as the days go by
Oh I'd be lost without you baby, now don't ever leave me
'Cause your sweet kiss turns on my sunshine, oh yeah baby
At night the stars, they wink at you, I-hi-hi have seen them, baby
Ah but I guess every single star knows how sweet you are
You get sweeter as the days go by, sweeter, honey, as the days go by
[Backing vocals, over sax solo:]
Just a little sweeter, baby [x4]
Now there are so many reasons for me to love you, oh baby
And I'm so lucky to have you and that's no lie, no baby
Yes, you're a candymaker's dream come true, and darlin', sugar has nothin' on you
And you get sweeter as the days go by, sweeter as the days go by
Honey, you're sweeter than honey, you're sweeter than sugar

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Composição: Frank Wilson / Marcus Gordon. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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