Whats up nigga where the weed at?
Man I smoked all that shit.
Nigga the shit I left on the coffee table you smoked all that?
I smoked all that shit that shit was good
And you aint saved me shit nigga?
I just got a little carried away
You know how fucking far I had to go to get that nigga?
Ill pay
Get in the fuckin car then nigga.
Come on nigga lets go!


This cowboys gone ride to California
They got that green sticky weed when its on ya
(Yee-haw) Hit the bay area to holla at the people
Forty Whodi done changed his phone and his beepa
Now Im tweekin for that green sticky dank
(gotta have it 2x)
Roll falayo(?) back to Richmond but it gotta stank
(say it again)
Went to the house alone but it was closed
(what happened fool?)
DeAndre aint doin nothin hes got homies on parole
Went to the Hilltop Mall headed straight to Oakland
35 saps(?) say its a drought yall must be jokin
Got on the great bridge didnt stop till I get to Frisco
Gotta couple bags of that dank now its official
Gotta concert to do down in la leezy
And if I run out Snoop Dogg say he got me fo sheezy
Now yall know why I love California
Cuz my mamma n my daddy got that stank on ya
Hold up man bring me back to Richmond I forgot to see my momma

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