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Master P

[Master P talking]
Ronzo, shut the door on that Cougar partner
It's time to get pervin'
Keyon, pass the dank man (Yeah man)
Yo G you wanna hit (Yeah, let me hit that shit, sssss) [* Coughs *]
Man this shit so, shit
Yo, yo put that smoke out man, there go 5-0

[Master P]
Ooh, I'm with it
Smooth, if you a sucker ya better move on
Ya see it's P just flowin' with the microphone
Keyon layin' the tracks to the dope beat
The mixin' and scratchin' done by my nigga G
We a down crew, act a fool
You run up and down, I had to down this fool
But I'm makin' records down in the studio
I had to show the fuckin' world that I was dope
It's time to get paid
I'm sellin' world wide, yeah P is on a straight rise
Bitches on the jock, I'm makin' it
Niggas suck my dick, I know ya fakin' it
Ya punk motherfuckin' game ain't set to right
Check it out, hit chu' with a left and a right
I got tops and tops that means dollars
And all you motherfuckin' bitches just holla
I'm on the set of school and act servin'
In other words, me and my partners we just pervin'

Ha, ha we just pervin'
Ya know what I'm sayin', Keyon niggas didn't think we could do this
We just pervin'
Yeah ya know what I'm sayin' 91, we just pervin'
Yeah ya know what I'm sayin' my nigga K-Lou in the studio
We just pervin'
Yeah, we on a ride, we just pervin'

[Master P talking]
Yeah, gotta go like that partner (Get fucked up dog)
Yeah, hold on, hold on don't get the mill though
Niggas know how it is in the studio
Ya know what I'm sayin' nigga just act stupid
Know what I'm sayin' I gets pervin'
And all these bitches out there, know what I'm sayin'
Yo, this gets pervin'
Ha, ha yeah on the for real though, know what I'm sayin' (What's up)
Ain't nothin' happenin' everybody down at...(What's really up)
Movin' thangs, that's what's up know what I'm sayin'
(Go ahead and perv on them turntables) Yeah, ha ha
That was my nigga G, know what I'm sayin' ha ha
We just pervin'
All the motherfuckin' playas is in the motherfuckin' house
Know what I'm sayin' it's the time for the big time pervers
Know what I'm sayin' just pervin'

[* Beat Changes *]

Yo Ken bring me out one of those ol' funky base lines

[* Beat stops]

[* SKIT *]
Yo hold on, what the fuck that nigga from D-M-X doin' in here
(Yeah, that nigga wanna fuck with Black Suave)
Yo hand me that chopper G let me do this bitch
Give me that motherfuckin' chopper, ya punk mother... hey [* Gunfire *]
Bitch you ain't jokin' now ya sucker ass bitch
(Damn what's up dude, what's really up)
Drop that bitch

[* DJ scratching *]

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

[* Beat starts *]

A message to the underground
That mean dope fiends, pimps, prostitues
Gangstas, yankers, murderers, school boys
Mamas, papas you know what I'm sayin'
Suckers, niggas who talk shit
All you motherfuckers who think ya wanna be low down and dirty
Know what I'm sayin' you motherfuckers listen up
Cause there's a new fuckin' king in town know what I'm sayin'
With that hardcore, pimp, rap shit
And his name is Master P
Keep ya motherfuckin' eyes open cause if I ever catch ya slippin'
Ya creep and ya crip to my motherfuckin' bullets ya caught
Ya know what I'm sayin' that means ya lost
But I got one motherfuckin' thing to say
Ya know what I'm sayin' don't play dumb
Cause if ya talk shit on the P, ya get dumped in a fuckin' trunk
Ya know what I mean, case closed, think about it

[* Crowd cheering *]

Master P is in the house (who the fuck is in the house)
Master P is in the house
Master P is in the house (Say what, say what, say what)
Master P is in the house (Ahh, yeah)
Master P is in the house (Yeah)
Master P is in the house
Master P is in the house (Straight livin')
Master P is in the house (Who's in the damn house)
Master P is in the house (Whose house is it)
Master P motherfuckin' house

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