The Amazing Spiderman

Brian May

There's a new street fighter on your window sill
The weapon is beast the word is chill, yeah

Look up there - that's not possible
I've seen that guy somewhere - on TV
Spy-d, spy-d

Our hero is 'live and as thin as a rake
He's as sharp as a scythe with the muscles of a snake
He can run, he can crawl, he can graft in the air
Watch him wrap it all up without turning a hair
The amazing spiderman

Wow - a spider - ow, it, it bit me
Oh, too bad I stepped on it - yow
It's Peter - he's on the ceiling

Now the city's sleeping
Spy-d do his creeping
Creeping he is creeping
We'll be weeping, weeping, weeping, oh
To the wall he's clinging
A spider's web he's spinning
A better life he's bringing
For all the stranded pretty, pretty women

Ah, Mr Fantastic, I, I need help
I think, I think I'm turning into a spider
And I'm not even 18 yet

Is he man, is he insect, all we now is he's great
Watch him weaving his magic into a web of fate
The incredible

Help, help - my God
See the girl hanging from the 53rd storey window
Nobody could climb up there except
You were expecting Tom Cruise?

See the guy running off with the cash and the choker and sponge
He's getting away
None can stop him except

I will not be ignored, I shall rule you all, I shall - what?
Package for Dr Octopus
It's clobbering time

Every scuzz-bag and creep better hide yourself well
He'll be hot on your heels, he's the spider from hell
He laughs at the dangers, just as he brings
The web-wielding avenger for whom the world sings
The amazing, the amazing

I'm not sure I hope for this long underwear character
I'm a good king bomb, a good king bomb
You won't let go with a good king bomb
Here I go - 5, 4
Ooops, ooheee

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