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Little Brothers Of The Woods

McLauchlin Murray

Little brothers of the woods
You're nobody's fool
No I can't keep goin' if I can't catch you
I need a muskrat, a mink
I need a beaver too
No I can't keep goin' if I can't catch you

Got another twenty miles
Before the sun don't shine
Got to see who's been callin'
On my trap line
He's gonna go quick
'Cause I set a good snare
Just like my papa and my grand pere

Way before the cities
Way before the towns
We was a travellin' the trapline grounds
When the Frenchman came up
To the Indian
For the fox and the mink
And the beaver skin

Ionly take what I need
I don't take no more
The woods ain't a shelf
In a grocery store
I only take what I need
Because come the spring
I want to see the beaver pups
In the ponds again

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