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We Are The Ones

Melissa Etheridge

We're dreaming from the bottom of the well
We're curled up in the corner of our cell
Freedom's just a story that we tell
I say give me liberty or give me hell
I know life is just a song
If I can get the world to sing along
Brothers and sisters

We are the ones we are the ones we are the ones
The ones that we're waiting for

There are differences we cannot hide
Yet we are all one spirit deep inside
Finding out our past has been denied
Now we can tell our story and start to question why
Climbing out from under fear
We'll know what we're doing here
Brothers and sisters


Who built this pyramid
One hundred years ago
Cause we're trapped inside a grid
While they feeds us what we need to know
The scientists keep telling me
That we are all what we agree
So I agree to let you be
Anyone you want to be


Every stranger you see is a part of you
Teaching we are the ones

We are all there is
We are the all that is
We can get through this
We are the ones

I feel you
You feel me
We are the ones

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