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You Blew Me Over

The Moffatts

You Blew Me Over

Where were you
Last time I called
Eight thirty
I'm in withdrawal

Every night
I think about you dreaming
Then I wake up
In the morning screaming

Why you tell me
Why you let me

How did I let you get away?
You blew me over
Why can I do?
what can I say?
How did I let you walk away?
well I can't take another day
So how did I ever let you get away


What was it
That made you go?
The order
Please tell me no (no)

I make believe that I never met you
I try to do it
but I can't forget you

Why you tell me
Why you let me


Do you know that
I will never let you go
Why won't you take me back (back)

It is you
It is me
Tell me how's it gonna be
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see



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