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The You In Me

Montell Jordan

I know I've spent my whole life running from you
Even though there's been some things you needed me to do
I did it my way and hurt you over and over again
But you were preparing me
To carry out your plan
Though you said that you'd walk with me, some won't believe
Cause the messenger you chose sings R&B
So the man that you rescued me from is the man that they still
And I don't know what to say
I need you to speak for me

So Lord, this is my prayer
Your “work in progress” humbly asks of thee
Once your promise is fulfilled, the world will be watching
Lord help someone to see, the YOU in ME
Lord help just one to see, the YOU in ME

Someone listening right now needs to hear this tonight
Cause you're lonely and there's an emptiness you're trying
to fill in your life
Well I guarantee that my God can do it, yes He can
His name is JESUS
You've got to let him in, and say

Lord, this is my prayer
Your “work in progress” humbly asks of thee (of thee, of
When your promise has been fulfilled
And the whole world is watching anxiously
Lord help someone to see, the YOU in ME (Oh Lord)
Just help one to see, the YOU in ME (Please Jesus)
If only one could see, the YOU in ME

I want to speak to you right now
In the midst of your struggles, in the midst of your pain, in
the midst of your
You wonder, “why am I here?” Glad you asked that questions
God said, You're set apart for a special work, for His glory
That others will see you, but not see you and see HIM
Oh you need to hear this; you need to hear this because
You've been listening to the wrong people
He ordained you, and you don't need anyone else's approval
You've come fully equipped to do what God ordained you to do
You existed with God, even before you were formed in your
mother's womb
God knew you
It is amazing
You've tried everybody and everything
Jesus says, “stop fighting God” stop fighting
He's knocking at your heart, saying, “let me in”
You're so special
Let the glory of the Lord come through you, in the midst of all
your confusion
He loves you


Lord, Lord my, my, my, my prayer
I'm just a work in progress, but
I'm asking you, I'm begging you…
When you're promise has been fulfilled, and the world is
watching anxiously
Come on and help someone, Oh Lord
I don't want nobody to see Montell, if they can't see you
I'm talking to somebody, can I get a witness
You gotta see past the man, in order to see the You in me

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Composição: Montell Jordan / Steve Estiverne. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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