Mos Def

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This is the place they say
People come from far far far away
To find their dreams
Chasin down these meteors and comets called dreams
(chasin em chasin em chasin em...)
In the sky of life
In certain hotspots where these meteors and stars have a
Tendency to fall
And legend has it (break) that california is one of those spots
I believe that to be true...

They say...this the place where stars are born
They say...this is the place where legends are made
They say....this is the place where angels come play
They say...that this is the place where it all can happen
(for you 4x)
California..knows how to make dreams seem so sweet
California..knows how to whisper in your ear and tell you (your
A star 5x)
And you keep on staring
Pretty girls by the oceanside
Softly refuse to shine
Tasties? on your mind
California knows how to party indeed
In the city of la
They say the angels come play
In the city..city of compton all over the world
In the city of good old watts
(beat dont stop 2x)
In the city
California dont stop dont stop
All the ways from la to the bay indeed
Stars fall down here thats what they say
All the way from la to the bay indeed stars fall down here
Thats what they say
Its everything they say 2x
Its the lights from across the bay
Its the c-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a
California knows how
To make me smile at ti-i-i-i-mes yes they do
California hey knows how to do what they do when they do what
They do when they
Do what they do to me and you too
Hey ay ay
Phenomena phenomena worldwide original stop indeed
Mos def on the profile indeed
Attitude by the new so very will
(worldwide original stop indeed
Mos def on the profile indeed
Attitude by the new so very will--4x)
In the city
Of la
(its everything they say 5x