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Romeo And Juliet (Major Mod Mix Original)


I am your Juliet - You are my Romeo
Your love gives me ride like a rodeo.

In the dark of night, you told me it's over now
and soon I'll be alright, but you didn't tell me when or how.

You tried to tell me a lie, but i found the real thorn you're
only reason why is the neighbourhood where I was born.


Your father knows it best - I can only make you sad
'cos I am unlike the rest, and don't know how to please yourdad.

If you stay on his side, I will be gone for good. But I
know, you'll take a ride to my side of the neighbourhood.


The only way I can live my life is pain, since I can't see youagain.
The secret place, forbidden love, forbidden games - it lastedonly days.


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