Running fast down a dead end alleyway
Spent my money, pissin' all my time away
Take a break, just to meet you at the pub for a pint
Toss it back, faster than I really should
Forgot to savor, all the flavor that I could
Kicked my chair, spilled your drink, left the room
But as I walked away I heard these words ring out

Hit me, hit me, hit me with sensation
I'll hit it back with excitation
Hear my, hear my, hear my revelation
Hit the floor, feel the liberation

Knew a girl, a shadow of her former self
Just a phantom, living in her private hell
Had to show her all she threw away from her life
Life's a journey, not another losing fight
And it's over before you're gonna get it right
So you gotta drink up all the joy that you can
Now sit back, listen to these words:

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