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I took time for you
I don't know what to do
But I gotta be a women
I gotta let go of you

I think I saw your baby's mother
Creepin at your back door
Yeah-ee Yeah-ee

And your lyin ass been cheatin
And I can't take it no more
Oh-o I'm movin on

I'll be movin on
I'll be movin on

Whose drawers are these
You know I wear a size four
And if you say that you been faithful
Who was at your back door

You ain't got no money
I should of had it long ago
Yea-ee Yea-ee Yea-ee

And you sho can't stroke it no more
So I've been sleepin all alone
(If you know what I mean)
I'm movin on


*Silkk Tha Shocker*

Now I'm a No Limit Soldier
Known to keep it rowdy
You know one's that make you say uhh
And bout it, bout it
Now one to the two
Two to the three
I ain't sayin leave him
But you need to like roll wit me
See I can see you ain't happy here
When I look in your eye
You a virgin
You gotta spread your wings
So now it's time to fly
You ain't never gotta trip
Or remind me
I'm trying to live ghetto foul
Like takin baths
In bottles of Dawn P
But I ain't perfect
Just imagine me with no flaws
At the parking lot
Wit no cars
Cell block
Wit no bars
Wit no wars
Wit no stars
Chack this out
I can heal your broken heart
So don't be so fast
To react so quick
Or get mad
And try to scratch up my 6
Now you know I get paid
For bustin all kind of tight verses
See I need a girl
That I can see on top
Like Silkk and Mya
Or vice versa

I'm Movin On


*CHORUS* (w/o I'll be movin on)

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Composição: Darryl Pearson / Mýa Harrison / M. Andrews. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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