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Lie Detector ( Feat. Beenie)


Yo, this is for all of ya'll out there
That ever dealt with somebody
Who be lyin', fakin', cheatin', stealin',
creepin', B.S.-nin'
I got this thing called the lie detector
Two teaspoon and their bound to tell
the truth, listen

You told me that I was your fantsy, yeah
You said that we would practice monogamy
So I became a freak under the streets
put his ass to sleep
creeped into the kitchen
got the remedy
its called the lie detecto
slipped it in his drink
brought it to his bedside
and said take a sip of this and don't think

You won't believe what happened
when he sipped the lie detector
looked into his eyes, asked him
where you been
he said its no surprise
cuz i been with my ex girl
why ain't you tell me truth
he said you don't wanna hear the truth
sometimes i wish i never gave him a detector
i though he loved me but he loved her
so i'm kinda glad he tool the lie detector
now i know the truth , so you can get the booth

man, god of to, god of to, god of to go
come and tie up you, tie up you
tie up you tongue
else, head ago, head ago, head ago roll
when she finds out you and her friend lie down

she told you baby lets get married
i'll always be faithful
so lets spend eternity
so he became a freak under the sheets
put her ass to sleep creeped into the kitchen
got the remedy
its called the lie detector
slipped it in her drink
brought it to her bedside
and said take a sip of this and don't think

you won't believe what happened
when he gave her the lie detector
looked at her pager number
said who's code 69
she said don't be surprised cuz
69's your best friend
he looked and swallowed his pride frontin'
like tough guys don't cry
sometimes hwe wish he never
gave her a detector
thought that she loved him
but she loved his best friend
but now he's kinda a glad she took
the lie detector
found out the truth
so he gave her the booth

look at all the women in the country
it ain't my fault if the girls, them
want to lave me
true me make out of heat
why the girls them want to look at me
true, me the girls them sugar
the girls them want to taste me
anyway my life is sweet,
my girl is neat
but on the street the girls are
dropping at my feet
well my point of view
the way i see it
without defeat love your girl don't cheat

if you ot any type of a suspicion
baby its up to your expectations
make sure that its real communication
the love i have for you is stronger
than foundation
don't wanna find yourself askin'
how did this happen
my heart is closed, my love is not open
friday the 13th went to the movies
baby love me and get grooving, grooving

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