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Takin' Me Over


It's going down, I can feel it
All around, and I need it
It's taking me where I love to be
So come on pack it in, fill the room now
Throw it up, for the crew now
I close my eyes, and touch the sky

See I don't mind
If people want to look at me crazy
It don't even phase me
The feeling is making me high

I don't want to stop, my body heat
Knocking me right, off of my feet
Making me so high, I can't deny
The feeling's takin' me over

Fellas, where your game at
For the ladies, that you aim at
Take a shot, show em' what you got
So come on whatcha say, better move it
What you know ya better use it
Make a play before it slips away

See I can't wait, the second that I
finish my business
Can I get a witness
There's no better feeling than this

Repeat Chorus

Left Eye Rhyme
Now somebody has to explain it to me
Now why is it the club manager keeps
sweating me
Just 'cause I showed up with a gang of
about 23
With that VIP pass we all get in free
It's staight to VIP, nothing but head
grabbing on me
I'm a star, so I start my tab at the bar
It's one of the benefits when everybody
knows who you are
Like my car, valets salivate like it's a
cookie jar
Just keep it up front fellas, don't take
it too far
It's been since October since the last
time I was sober
Music's like a drug when it starts taking
me over
I see Mya ain't fighting it, she's on the
dance floor
But it's all good because we're splitting the
cash from the door
Well, 14 bottles of Dom P later, it's just me,
Mya, the DJ and a waiter
I go outside, find my ride dented up like
Get in my ride saying peace you
valet player hater


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Composição: James Gass / Lisa Left Eye Lopes / Mýa Harrison / Robert Daniels / Thicke. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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