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Danger (Radio Edit)


You know what time it is, and you know who this is.
DANGER, DANGER get on the floor, the villan right here, (singit)

Been so long, heats been on, so please, show me what it is thatyou want to see

**Verse 1**
Been tellin DJ to put my hit on, I'm keepen the fellas and womenjumpin
from the minute I get on, taking the shirt of and screaming andhollering ah
Got to make it affiliate make it deliver it make it affiliatelook I've
been on. (Sha) like you pull me on the pencil shaw (Bang) Likethat shot there to
push me over, I'm keepin rappers and daffdills and still lifemonks to make it da
deliverkooma that you won't shot that over, so watch yourself,I'll mess around and
get beside your self I know (No you don't) Bop that *** Shakethat *** drop that***** stay in line**
forget a can girls can can ******up a **** down *****poppin likea hand stand, yeah that is smokin so
do sometin and bust it over.

**Chorus x2**

**Verse 2**
You know my calisses around the corner, poppin it good a gettin afellas and girls nothin on (You lookin
good mamma) whats up homee? Sardines, limosines in the club (uh)you trick you a lately be here been
here 'cause fillin up, I'm inside back from the floor to thecieling up! THE BUILDING AINT BIG ENOUGH
I'm backstage bouncing adrenaline BUILDIN UP, my nekless cutter,did I stutter? The heart flutter!
Make a women's jaws down like butter, I'm down like Nelly, hypelike belly, the right seller, kick *** like Jim
Carry, stand up, wood up, bood up, bechround, tellin someone ifthey wanna try it the BOY COME ON DOWN,
no sweat, no blood, no tears, and if I tell you it's a hit, thenTHAT'S JUST WHAT IS IS!

**Chorus x2**

**Verse 3**

**Chorus x2**

DANGER! DANGER! Get on the floor, the villian right here! singit
DANGER! DANGER! Get on the floor, the viliian right here!

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