You Gotta Learn Your Rythm And Blues

Neil Sedaka

The board of education from Maine to Tenessee
Just don't dig that crazy ABC
You know they teach us something different and they call it R &B

You gotta learn your rythm and blues
Everybody's shoutin' the news
Go out and buy a pair of rock and roll shoes
Or brother you're gonna lose
The time is incidental, the fun is fundemental
When you learn your rythm and blues

No more readin' and writin' and 'rythmetic
You got to know the three R's when the teacher swings the hickorystick
Start a-reelin' and a-rockin' and a-rollin' with your chick


When the teacher gives us homework everyone shouts hooray,hooray
I got to go right home and study without delay
I got to tune into Bandstand and get the lesson for today

Chorus X 2

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