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You Can Hear The Love

Neil Sedaka

Like the summer wind that whispers in the dark
Let the song ignite the spark and you can hear the love
Hush of evening and the rustling of the leaves
The murmur as a baby breathes and you can hear the love

Her body moves just like a symphony she needs you
To be the one who's harmony will guide her
And let her know she's getting through
And you can hear the love
Sometimes it sounds just like a never ending choir
She puts your words to music's sweet desire
And whenever she is near, you can hear the love
(Don't you know that you can feel it, touch it, always hear thelove)

Tender touches to the rythm of the night
Written down in candle light beneath the stars above
Sweetly woven in a perfect applique
Listen to the music play and you can hear the love

Ch x 2

Ad lib and fade

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