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Nose Ring Girl

Nerf Herder

I, I met a girl
She was standing on the dance floor of the club
She was a very very pretty girl.
So I went up and talked to her
And when you share you thoughts with someone
You feel close to them.
Nose ring girl, I love you
Nose ring girl, I want you I want you I want you!
Yeah she had pretty hair, beautiful eyes.
Dalmation jacket, dalmation jacket.
And she was the kind of girl you'd give up eating meat for,
No more salomi, no more steak or potatoes.
Yeah you would walk on down to the health food store
And buy her hummus, and tabulis, and bobbagunush, and
Ricecakes ricecakes ricecakes!
As it turns out,
She was the cousin of the Ex-girlfriend of my good friendSteve,
My very good friend Steve
But she didn't like me
She said I was a drunkerd, and alchoholic, a weirdo, a freak!!!
Nose ring, (Chorus)
Nose ring girl, I love you
Nose ring girl, I want you (x20)

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