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When you met me at the party, you thought I was a nice guy
But you didn't have a clue at what was going on inside
I ordered you a drink and asked you for a dance
But all I really wanted was to smell your underpants

I'm a pervert, a pervert
Can't change the way I am
I'm a pervert, a pervert
Don't wanna shake my hand

That night you asked me over to watch Hollywood Squares
You left me in your room I left a stain on your teddy bear
Can you see it in my eyes? Can you see it in my smile?
Can you see that I imagine you do it doggy style?

I'm a pervert, a pervert
I've got sweaty palms
I'm a pervert, a pervert
It just goes on and on
On and on

You called me on the phone, you said you wanted to talk
But how could you have known what I was doing with my sock?
So you wanna be my girlfriend? Will you love me anymore,
When you catch me with a polaroid outside your bathroom door?

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