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Step Up To The Microphone


I say hello
to anyone who's listening
put on a show
if that's what makes your ears prick
this microphone
will take a word and make it bigger
oh hello
so here goes

steppin' right up to the microphone
i say hey man!
there's only one way!
one God one body one faith alone
if you don't know
then ya need to be told!

i say hey boy
it's a narrow road

i say hello to anyone who's listening
the message ain't nothing new
i don't decide what's true
so when the stones gets thrown
they either miss or they turn to glory
here's the story as far as i know

steppin' up
i don't step alone
the question is how do we know what we know?
the answer is so plain to see
so here i go
tap the mic "test 1,2,3"

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Composição: Jeff Frankenstein / Peter Furler / Phil Joel. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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