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Miracle Child


When you got there
I was sure you'd come too late
we all paid you lip service
than address our prayers to fate
sister gone
she tripped and fell
a prodigal hell
and do I dare believe you'll reach
such a long lost cause
wrapped in gauze
as good as dead

she's breathing...

My lord
she's a miracle child
I know
she's a miracle child
I saw
how she'd chosen the grave
My lord
It's a miracle save

When she woke up
we were dumbstruck at the sight
Like coming out of a coma
All she asked for was more light

Fluttering eyes
Life from a tomb
You flooded her room
with a fearsome mercy
Torn from the devils grip
from the clutches of fear
I can hear her dead heart beating


We lose hope
we mumble our prayers
We seal off the stairs
and never dare believe your reach
can pass through stone
can lead a child home
Can make the dead start blinking

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