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exibições de letras 224



Your words are kind and your eyes are sweet
All of my beginnings end in defeat
Meanwhile I know it's time to go home.
Your whispering kings I cannot believe
I don't know what you want to achieve
All I know is l must be alone.

I watch your hands as they keep on shaking
If my heart is safe then why is it breaking?
And I need to know who I am forsaking.

If you were me would you feel like this?
Would you try to bridge this gap with a kiss
Or would you walk for miles to try to be with me?
Your hand shakes as you sweeten your drink
My hands shake so I try not to think
It's worse to be in love than it is to be free.

I'll never know where you came from
But what you think I'll then become:
I'm just a character that lives in your mind.
Your prophecies determine my life
So I watch as you play with the knife
Hoping that you'll know how to be kind.

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