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The Nixons

This is Lifehouse, not Nixons..

If shame had a face I think it would kinda look like mine
If it had a home would it be my eyes?
Would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this
Well here we go now one more time

Chorus: I tried to climb your steps
I tried to chase you down
I tried to see how low I could get down to the ground
I tried to earn my way
I tried to change this mind
You'd better believe I tried to beat this
When will this end? It goes over and over and over again
Keep spinning around
I know that it won't stop
Till I step down from this for good

I never thought I'd end up here, never
Thought I'd be standing where I am
I guess I kinda thought it would be easier than this
I guess I was wrong, now one more time


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