Born Again [Intro]

Notorious B.I.G.

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Born Again [Intro]

[Puffy background]
What about ten years from now?

Ten years from now, where do I want to be? I wanna be...just livin' man, just
living comfortably with my niggas man, in a pool and shit, smoking plenty indo
you know I'm saying? I got my wife, just lounging with my wife you know i'm
with my daughter, her daughter, you know just laid back, just chillin,
you know i'm saying? Living all my niggas is living where I think I be? Ten
I don't think I will see it for real dogg for real man, that shit ain't
promised man
I don't think my luck is that good, I hope it is but if it ain't, so be it, I'm
(your dead wrong)

[Repeat til fade out]
The weaker the strong,
you got it going on,
your dead wrong....

Canção do Choro

Nós sorrimos e sorrimos
Nós sorrimos e sorrimos
As gargalhas ecoam nos seus olhos
Nós escalamos e escalamos
Nós escalamos e escalamos
Suavemente tropeçamos nos pinheiros
Nós choramos e choramos
Nós choramos e choramos
A tristeza passa num instante
Nós rolamos e rolamos
Nós rolamos e rolamos
Ajude-me a rolar para longe da pedra

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