I Want Your Body Baby


Oooh Baby , i saw you yesterday , can't get you out of my mind
if you look into my eyes the truth you will find , oh!
i want your body and i know you want mine
are you sure your ready to cross that line, ooh!

ya wanna get jiggy jiggy , ya wanna get down down
come on baby let's go go... go to town
ya wanna get jiggy jiggy , ride it ride it
i know you like it baby , don't hide it hide it

oooh and i love that thing you do ( that thing you do)
and the way you do it, you make me want you
i want you up in my ass
i want you to pump it , oh so fast


Fuck me , Suck me , Blow Me away , x 2
i hope we can do this everyday
cuz boy i want you and i know you want me
i'll give you my penis with no extra fee....


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