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College Girls Are Easy


Chorus------Anywhere i go a fly girl will please me
East to west college girls are easy

This story's kinda funny
it's one about the hunnies
Debbi was the girl who used to do it like a bunny

And how about Mona?
her hips was like a mota
I heard she likes to do it in the back of a Toyota

and then there was Amie
now how can you blame me
she wanted it so bad she offered to pay me

and Vicki gettin Weazy
both a bit sleezy
cuz all college girls are just to easy

Anywhere i go a fly girl will please me
East to west college girls are easy
Anywhere i go a fly girl will please me
East to west college girls are easy

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 days a week the college girls be beggin
to get a guy to sexually perform
so whenever i get horny i go to the dorm

went to the dorm sunday around midnight
i saw a hunny and she gave me an invite
to her room and said that she had been scopin
me in english class and now she was hopin
just to talk (yeah right) but now instead
since we was alone she'd rather get me into bed
I nibbled on her ear and said i hope your in condition
then she got down in a yoga like position
took off her clothes and said her name was Dianna
her chest was bigger than the state of Indiana
she said let's get busy, i don't want to lose ya
and needless to say i knocked it like a hosier


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursay, Friday and weekends
Thats when i'm hangin out with my friends
why just the other night lookin for a party we
went to the house of some girls in a sorority
The music was live and the party was a rock-up
not all the girls were cute but they all had big knockers
well i was just scopin and hopin and glancin
at the college hunnies on the dance floor dancin
thats when i saw the cutie (cutie)
with the little booty (booty)
I introduced myself as Jeff she said her name was Judy
I knew that she adored me but my friends for me
Judy was the type of girl thats wild and horny

Chorus (2 times)

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